Pimp My Ride

Following the airing of the M-TV special “Pimp My Ride”, it appears a wave of similar energy has swept the gulf region. Not sure what cars are looking like in the streets of your local city, but in Cairo… cars have been PIMPED.

Normally i wouldn’t object to somebody sprucing up their car, adding some extras, an additional colour of graffiti design.. I can live with all that. Instead I am seeing gigantic cars (the smallest I’ve seen was a Land-cruiser) covered from head to toe in stickers. Why you would ask? Well to resemble designer bags. I’ve seen a white one covered in techni-colour Luis Vuitton and just this morning a black one made to look like a Gucci.

It just looks WEIRD!!!


2 thoughts on “Pimp My Ride

  1. Well, after ART cinema aired that movie about teenagers and stuff, if you watched closely you would’ve found the guy with the biggest role (long-haired, Good-looking, Ended up raping his Girlfriend) modified (or as you say PIMPED) his car, It looked cool to me, but after that with few days, I’ve found some of these things in 1 or 2 cars (including the blue flash below the car, the auto rolling car wheel iron part), I’m not surprised that cars in Cairo got pimped up since that one or two in Alexandria got modified…

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