Curtain falls on our valiant hero.. goodbye Harry Potter

For the past weekend (excepting an excursion to Disney on Ice and a Wedding) I have been glued to my monitor whizzing through the pages of the final installment of the Harry Potter series.

I’d like to be able to tell you that the book tickled all my senses, that I laughed, cried and absolutely loved it. Instead I feel hollow. I can’t believe this was it… the series is over.. and in this way.

Would be unfair to give spoilers, yet at the same time I’m furious with Rowling for this installment. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, really good, not sure if it was better than all it’s predecessors, but the characters were more real, more human. Yet.. something felt amiss, an unmistakable sensation that this isn’t how it was supposed to go down, that she’d written it differently. The current version seems too much like Egyptian/Indian drama where everything “magically” comes together near the end, and everything suddenly makes sense.

I don’t know.. don’t listen to me… I’m still kinda angry at her for ending the series.

Goodbye Harry Potter….


7 thoughts on “Curtain falls on our valiant hero.. goodbye Harry Potter

  1. OpeRon: Yeah I did. Good.. but with potential to be great that wasn’t materialized.

    U2D: I didn’t actually say that he died (for the record)

  2. ya 7araam 😦
    sorry Juka
    everything has it’s end
    may be she wasnt able to create better stories about harry than she already created fa alet a2felha w heya gr8 a7san

    Well I didnt read any of the stories
    bs ana knt ba7eb l movie ::(
    I’m sad I wont see Harry again but it’s ok
    C’est la vie!

  3. no..wait, am actually commenting on this prtty late, i stumbled across the blog totally by mistake, but thts harry we are talking about!
    i was immensly disappointed with the ending!
    could have been so mch better?
    could it have gotten any cornier?!
    lol..i mean the book was very good and everything, but forgods sakes the epilogue, i wanted ot smash it back in her face!
    i thought it should have ended at the cross station or smth.
    anyways, phew, i let it out.
    peace be upon u guys.
    blessed be

  4. After i read the last book i went into a sorta funk. I would talk to nobody and i reread all the books five times over. i still read the books over and I wait for the movies.

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