A flood going to waste…

A nick on my msn list, of a friend a lot like me… I must admit, I feel the same way, like a flood going to waste. Arrogant as that notion may be. It’s a shame that we fail to appreciate what others appreciate.. and are only remotely pleased when achieving the near impossible… Unrealistic targets, growing farther by the second; with near to non-existing chances of success.

The overwhelming desire to rock the world, like you know only you can. Then something terrible happens, and everything gets jolted back into perspective, but it isn’t long till perspective is lost again. No matter how hard you try, no matter how mature, how grounded.

Not liking who you are, and striving to be a different you, a better/bigger new and improved version of you. Hoping someday the gnawing sensation at the pit of your stomach would go away. That you’d be good enough for you, good enough to please.. to impress… to extract awe.

I want to live up to the potential that only I seem to know exists, cause everybody else is only too willing to compromise.. to settle for the version of me that they are getting.

But you know.. its not always this bad; sometimes you really are in a situation when you are challenged.. and it feels spectacular..the adrenaline pumping, the deadline coming up.. feeling that you’ve actually done something..

it’s irreplaceable

I wish for you a lifetime full of challenges.. full of accomplishments, full of new highs and no lows…

All that I would wish for someone like us..


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