Why you’ve gotta love the government!

When was the last time you dealt with our beautiful government?

My car license expired (an annoying thing they tend to do every 3 years) and I had to go renew it. My dad being the eternal optimist that he is (read Cairo hater) has ensured that all our paperwork is Alex based and follows our Alex adress (which we have not resided at since 98.. ma 3alina).

We wanted to do it the pampered way and not see the actual DMV building at all. So I, accompanied by my sis and cousin, headed to our club in Alex to try and renew the license from the member service area. Great plan, no?

We get there, following conversation ensues:

Her: One year or 3?

Me: 3

Her: counts out 3 identical forms and asks me to fill out all three!!!!!!

I fill out the forms (sparing her the argument) and proceed to have the engineer check the car.

I had the childish notion that checking the car would actually involve checking it! Rather they just check that the engine and case numbers are the same, then they ask me to drive the car for like 2 meters. That’s it!! Car checked! No wonder the state of some of the cars on the street!!

Naive as I am, I figured we were done, I’d filled repeated applications, I’d had the engineer allegedly check my car and sign off on it. I was due a license, don’t you think? Woman takes one look at my papers and says:

Adress follows a different DMV than the one that has issued the original license, you’ll need to go there and get a signature that they approve of continuation of management by them rather than my designated DMV.

Next day, wake up at 8 am to go to DMV from which my license is issued. We arrive at 9 am, the officer who’s signature I need has not arrived yet. We wait for him for 45 minutes. Finally he graces us with his arrival. He decides he doesn’t like how we look and won’t sign the paper. Some start for the day! Sends us to a woman to proceed in steps to transfer to other DMV.

We go to the woman who apparently has more sense than the young officer.

She’s like: well since you’ve already had it inspected, and you’ve filled out the forms, you might as well finish everything today.

That was the smartest thing I’d heard all week. She tells us we could simply go over him. We go up to the senior officer who doesn’t even look at what I’ve given him to sign, he graces us with his signature and we go back down. To spare you the agony we had to go through I’ll just mention steps we had to do:

1. Purchase file and damghas (different windows… aka different ques)

2. Get the inspection approved by the senior inspector at this venue. (different area all together)

3. Get the old file from the archives (must contract a young coffeeboy to do that)

4. Fill out some more forms.

5. Pay for the insurance (new window)

6. Pay taxes (another window)

7. Pay mokhalfat/fines (a series of 7 different steps involving windows and ques.. I swear! PC department gives you a list of your fines, must be approved by an officer, then go pay, then report payment to archive, gives you document to approve by officer again, go back to initial PC department for her to update her files, finally approve final document she gives you from a different department altogether).

8. Back to smart woman who assembles file and has it checked. Gives you form by which to get the final license.

9. Computer department, turn in form and wait for the plastic card to be created.

VOILA. 4 hours later…. yes ladies and gents, 4 hours from arriving at DMV I am now the proud owner of a renewed car license. A7medak ya raaaaaab!


5 thoughts on “Why you’ve gotta love the government!

  1. geety 3ala el gar7 ya Juka, ba2aly 2months now trying to renew my licence , w mesh 3aref. The stupid bank i got the loan from is giving me a hard time to provide a document that i pay regurarly and no problem to renew..w 2al eih ye2olak el ” Bank el metfasal 3alik”..bank credit agricole dah zay el zeft….For me you are the luckiest person on earth..:))

  2. WOW, that is really annoying, If I were you, I would’ve exploded at any of the ((BRIGHT)) people that you met those days…

  3. U2D: I work really hard to control my temper.. although that day deserves an entire course of anger management to get over.

    OR: That single thought kept me positive througout the hellish experience.

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