A vacation is….

A vacation is…

Waking up around noon to the smell of fresh pancakes coming from the kitchen.

Playing PlayStation with an energetic 6 year old as a means of waking up/ regaining mobility, rationality and functionality.

Hitting the beach and lying all day in the sun.

Having a pool all to yourself to just chill, play water polo, or teach the newest addition to the family to swim (gosh she’s cute).

Getting to wear all sorta outrageous stuff you wouldn’t dream of wearing on a weekday in Cairo.

Live BBQ sessions where everybody (fresh from the beach and dripping wet) pitches in.

Family and friends gathered under the star lit sky drinking tea in the breeze and catching up.

Card (tarneeb) tournaments on the floor in front of the cabin that would go on to all hours.

An old fashioned beat box (honest) working through and iPod and car kit 😀

Driving on the Alex corniche windows down, wind playing with your hair, your favourite peeps in the car jamming to the tunes.

Not having to study or go to work and the maximum mental effort you do would probably be a morning soduku or cross-word puzzle.

Switching off your cellphone.

Not blogging for 10 days (sorry about that).

Trying out every single cafe that’s opened since the last time you were there.

Enjoying the warmth of a friend’s shisha at an open air venue.

Ahhhh. Doesn’t it just suck when those 10 days are over! Till next year paradise!

P.S. To all the people who were involved in the previously mentioned havoc: Missing you already!


6 thoughts on “A vacation is….

  1. Cool Vacation, but mine only includes the third paragraph, well not 100% like it but the playstation part is the most important one 😛 Hope you spend another one of these days soon…

  2. U2D: Thanks 🙂 wa7ashtoony.

    Lasto adri: One of my favourite bloggers is a huge fan of yours as a person. Makes me wanna meet you all the more. Unable to comment on your blog, is it a technical difficulty men 3andy, or is that the setting???

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