Live Free or Die Hard

Dear all,

I apologize for the 10 day dissappearance. Ravine, if thou wishes to contribute to the *cough* ransom fund you may do so at any of my bank accounts :P. So having said that, no I was not kidnapped, killed or given up blogging. I’ve just been technology-less for the past 10 days on account of being out of town.

Last thing I did before ditching Cairo was go see the latest installment of the Die Hard series, being a big Bruce Willis fan and all. Although falling short of the glory of the part starring Samuel L. Jackson (personal favourite part) this part lives up to the series reputation of having the ultimate disaster magnet detective John Mclaine (not sure about spelling) be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Theme for this installment was YEAH RIGHT! (also read Ya Salaaaam! or if you are a personal friend AWINNA!!!) Action sequences were nothing short of outrageous. As in all Die Hard movies, heroes are impossible to kill (and mighty tough to wound) and majically evade flying bullets, exploding appartments, jet plane chases and brute physical beatings. To give you a slight idea at one point our hero jumps out of a speeding car near the end of a tunnel, car then proceeds to run up some crashed cars acting as a ramp and flies through the air to hit a hovering chopper filled with bad guys.. I mean LOL!

This part is more aware of technological advancements and the crimes have elevated to the world of hackers and techies. Movie is interesting to watch as you observe how reliant we’ve become on technology, and how a familiar scenario taking place in real life could be vitally damaging. (Keep paper copies of all vital documentation ya shabab).

Overall, I would say a 3.5/5 movie. It’s very consistent of the series and the genre. If you’re an action buff you’ll love the Mega sequences. Technology lovers will get a kick from the villan and the plot. Was a fun 2 hours all together, just keep an open mind to all the crazyness and unwind.


6 thoughts on “Live Free or Die Hard

  1. Welcome Back Juka (I can call you that right?), Anyways, you must be very strong to live 10 days with no technology, Anyways, after reading your review, I dunno, not to encouraged for the movie now, maybe watch it on MBC 2 couple of years from now…

  2. I was thinking more along the lines of handing out fliers or taking a couple of strolls around the block with a beans’ can to collect donations from kind-hearted strangers 😛
    welcome back 3omooman and I never got the Bruce Willis thing to be honest *ducks to avoid flying shoes*.
    I don’t remember the series well but I liked the part with Jeremy Irons , I think they should have just let the series rest. It seems like Hollywood is running out of ideas since it insists on coming out with sequels or prequels every week.

  3. U2D: Thanks. Of course you may call me Juka

    Deeeee: Maksoof anna menkom. Thanks beautiful.

    Sou: Missed you more. Back for good.

    OpeRon: You guys were worried… that’s sooo sweet.

    Ravine: I’m glad you ducked :p

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