Morning rambling

He’d finally found her, they’d bumped into each other at a concert. The event was jam-packed with friends and acquaintances, yet he had eyes for only her. They struck up a conversation, reminiscing about old times. She told him she was feeling trapped, asked him if he’d be willing to go sit somewhere airy. He was only too happy to oblige.

The drove around trying to pick a place meeting her fancy, they talked, caught up. They ended up at a breezy Nile side venu. As they talked he looked her in the eyes, slowly placed his palm by her head, gently caressing her cheek and hair. The question that overwhelmed him must have been written on his forehead; for she tilted her head, gently squeezing his hand. He uttered “you fine?”. She smiled “yes, he’s good to me”. His heart sank; but he couldn’t help but mirror her smile.

The damned cellphone alarm went off, he rolled over in his bed to reach it, flailing for it in his self created darkness. Giving up he opens his eyes, grabs the damn phone and switches the alarm off. Too late he realizes what he’s done. He quickly shuts his eyes tight, trying to return to that sweet dream. He squinted his closed eyes trying to hold in her image, trying to freeze it, to go back to that dream. He cursed as he tossed in bed as her image slowly grew blurry and faded away. He’d lost her… again.

Song of the day: Signed, sealed and delivered – Stevie Wonder


10 thoughts on “Morning rambling

  1. Wow, i really do know how does that feel, happened to me once, and i hope god does to who is the reason of crushing this dream what he/she did to me, anyways, that was very good, i began to like your blogs from the first one.

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