Alooo!! Akallem Masr!

Unless you are a GSM junkie you must’ve noticed by now that all landlines in Cairo have been changed. All your previously memorized phone numbers have had a 2 added to them at the beginning. While I think increasing the number of digits in our Cairo phone numbers is inevitable. I think they way they chose to do it is absurd.

For one, its very confusing when dialing a number long distance, instead of +202 XXXX now it’s +202 2 XXX. I’ll be damned if I ever remember to add that extra 2. Also for us locals, one usually dials from memory, now I’m forced to pause and remember to insert a 2 prior to dialling away. Not to mention changes that must be made to my entire phone-book on my cell.

The alternative I would have opted for, since they must add a digit, would have been to add a zero to the end. FAR less confusion. You can dial all your peeve numbers from memory then add a zero (reminded to do so by the absence of dial tone upon completion). Voila!! Would it have killed them to do it this way??!!!


9 thoughts on “Alooo!! Akallem Masr!

  1. Ya juka…the number added is now considered like the prefix for there to increase capacity..and to diffrentiate number of the second fixed line operator that will begin 2009.:)))

  2. OpeRon: LOL yeah!

    Nawawy: Fe3lan! A new operator! Wallah we etkheskhas keta3 el2etesallat ya regalla. Who owns this new company?? Naguib?

  3. This didn’t give the license to anybody yet, however I don’t think anyone will buy such license for landline operators, who uses landlines now!!? I don’t think it worth the investment.

  4. Just for your info the government published a study that if a new operator goes into the fixed line business…67% of the current Telecom Egypt customer are most likely to migrate!!!!!

  5. Actually mesh kollo zawed two
    some zawed three ….some four … depending on the geographic location.
    That’s why the zero at the end thingy would never have worked.

  6. There is something about extra digits at the end not being acknowledged or being disregarded — so if I call your number and add a digit i’ll still probably reach you (I think).
    In any event, thanks for the info! Good thing I call my family on their mobile phones but it would have been such a wild confusion!!
    (and the title of the post had me laughing loud at the office… =)

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