Taxi + Reunion

Yesterday was my faculty reunion. It was a cute event, alumni from all the way back when the faculty was opened to students who graduate this July. It was nice to see everybody dressed to the nines and enjoying the company, food and live music.

I am thankful to our busy bee for organizing this event. I’m thrilled I got to meet those people I had not seen in years. I’m so proud of them all. Everyone found themselves, even if they didn’t end up doing what they thought they would be doing. Overall very cool.

Among the people whom I didn’t know were faculty Alumni was Khaled El Khamisi; author of Taxi – 7awadeet elmashaweer (great book btw). The guy must be the sweetest most modest man on the planet. Really, we must really have taken him by surprise.

“7adretak khaled elkhamisi”


“wow! ketab 7adretak to7fa… fazeee3!!”

And he looked totally awed. Shocked we’d recognized him. Stunned we’d read the book. In utter disbelief that we were that hyper about him or the book.

That was sooo much fun.

Half the ministers and ex-ministers of the nation made appearances, but security wasn’t annoying. That’s the lovely thing about the faculty.

Ahhhhh; those were the days.


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