Ocean’s 13

Ocean's 13 PosterSo I finally went to see Ocean’s 13. I had fun, I laughed. It still remains a mediocre production which is completely reliant on it’s star studded cast rather than a believable story line or witty dialogue.

Gals will probably enjoy it more than the guys cause well lets face it, movie does offer plenty of eye candy to gape at. Pitt looks as adorable as ever and fans of any of the other hunks featured will not be disappointed.

I’m disappointed that Al Pacino was willing to play a role in such an air-headed self-indulgent pointless movie. Then again I wasn’t wild about most of his recent film choices (with all due respect 88 minutes sucked).

Movie is better than the previous installment of the sequel, which was practically a paid and aired party. Yet it falls short of being anywhere near as good as the first installment or The Italian Job, in terms of plot and banter.

Even the parts you smiled, you smiled because it’s them, rather than because it was funny. All Oprah Winfrey references were cute though (to be honest).

Will leave you with the only deep line in the movie.

Roman Nagel: You’re analog players in a digital world.


5 thoughts on “Ocean’s 13

  1. Girls! Girls! Girls! .. I PROTEST.. what happened to gay guys!!!!
    Have u seen Johnny in Fantastic 4 – The silver surfer.. the topless scene .. I melted like an ice cream in July in my seat .. Oh Ma God.. why don’t we have people like that in Egypt! Ufff

    Me raises the rainbow flag and smiles proudly!

  2. Ocean 13.. is definitely on my watch list for the reason you listed Juka.. I recently watched 2as we Lazik and I did not like it.. but I liked 3agamista.. Weird huh? What you think would suck is good and vice versa.. Weird…

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