On cheating

It’s an MBA class for God’s sake. You’d think the students would be mature!!!!

There I was sitting down trying to make some sense out of my Financial Derivatives midterm (see currently reading) and that idiot who seated himself next to me just wouldn’t shut up. You’d think we had an arrangement the way he confidently asked stuff throughout the exam. I turned a deaf ear and completely ignored him, he actually only got louder and more annoying. I actually got up and took a bathroom break just to be rid of him!!!

Upon coming back there he was attempting to peer into my paper. I mean for God’s sake study!!! Or if you’re gonna cheat do it in style, don’t drive other examiners (who aren’t particularly comfy in exam rooms) INSANE!!



9 thoughts on “On cheating

  1. lol. u wish, from w hat i saw people become more daring in cheating as they grow old. my group from our looks, we should be mature, very responsible and very professional. Don’t want to start mentioning the tricks we pull, starting from assignments till finals.
    Thanks for the congrats, get a wireless num pad, trying find matching colors.

  2. I can not believe it I mean c’mon this is something he is doing by choice then why the hell did not he just study or just quiet the whole thing.. Sighs*
    Back in my collage days freinds would just hate it to sit beside me for the hard time I used to give them. Hoping this jack ass did not prevent you from doing well in your exam..

  3. lol cheaters are fantatic, they act like it’s written down somewhere that whoever sits besides them MUST help them. I get cheating when you’re a little kid because we think it’s fun to overcome the power of the proctor but I had it in my mind ever since highschool that any cheating from then on meant I was building my future on being a cheater.

  4. Askandarani: Yeah, it’s a lost cause.

    OpeRon: Me too, I’m exam room phobic, I hate the mood, I just wanna finish as fast as possible and get the hell outta there.

    Sarah: I hope so too 🙂

    Ravine: Ah well. Next time I’ll just make sure to sit as far away from him as possible.

  5. Here’s a little scenario I live through frequently in college.

    Exam over..

    X:hey deee, how was it?
    ME: average.
    X: Why is that?
    ME: I don’t cheat.
    X: WOW, and I you did average? Mashaa’ Allah!!

    P.S. X is a set of about 20 to 30 people!!

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