To Toshiba

First off, I would like to extend great thanks to all who contributed whether on or off the blog to this purchase decision.

I would also like to remark that the sales person at Virgin Mega-stores was extremely helpful and knowledgeable of the product he is selling (a refreshing change in Egypt).

I went Toshiba, so here it is ladies and gents my new baby.


11 thoughts on “To Toshiba

  1. OpeRon: THANKS. 🙂 does doesn’t it 🙂

    Tarek: Rabena yekhaleek. I loved your IPTV article, it’s a pet topic of mine. Would love to read some more.

  2. Nesrina: Merci, rabena yekhaleeky.

    Sarah: Dell’s are awefully nice too, this was just the best option in terms of value for money within set price range.

  3. Congrats. Next stop compu me, get a num pad if ur in the number crunching business and headphones if u don’t have nice ones. Toss in an optical mouse really cool in case u use it on a desk.

  4. Askandarani: How are your exams coming along. Congrats on the promotion. Number pad sounds handy, use them almost as much as normal people use the spacebar 😀

    Fadfadation: Thanks! Not sure about the blogging years though, I actually bought it to use in class. Guy who teaches us investment is brilliant, he’s adopted a hands-on approach, we actually do the stuff he explains. I LOVE the guy. Hence the need for the laptop. Must admit I’ve taken it a step extreme. I’m now typing up notes in class rather than jotting them down (e7dath I know!!) 🙂

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