The Juggler

Craving attention I took center stage
The crowd hushed as the lights dimmed
Confident I step into the spotlight
Juggling one ball, soon they were four
I juggled them with ease, asked for more

My tricks grew more and more elaborate
My arms grew weary as I juggled faster
Sending the objects into the air
With utmost ease, not breaking a sweat

The crowd cheered as my load grew
Their cheers stroking that inflated ego
Egging me to be daring, to do more

I pulled a stunt I had not rehearsed
I fumbled, they gasped…
As I pulled an amazing save

Here I stand with the balls all in the air
Nothing holding them there save God’s grace
Any minute they’ll all come crashing down
Will I be able to save one? or all?


6 thoughts on “The Juggler

  1. Instead of wondering whether you can receive them safely upon landing.. what if we know that the moment we stop juggling, the balls will come crashing?
    What if the only option to prevent that is therefore not to plan for our show finale — but rather to keep juggling, indefinitely, forever?

    And at some point, your arms will start to ache, the sweat on your forehead will start to tickle your eyes, and you know that, very soon, the inevitable must happen.. will you keep going anyway?

  2. D: Im afraid I would! I’d keep juggeling anyway. Hoping that there will be a show finale. That I’ll just chuck all the balls at the audience folllowing some elaborate footwork.. who knows?

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