So you think you can dance??

I can’t begin to tell you all how much I LOVE this show. Personally I have no rythem nor rhyme whatsoever, but watching them on stage is just inspirational. Season Finale today, hope this guy wins:

For more of Travis; check these out:


5 thoughts on “So you think you can dance??

  1. This is the best TV show ever. Abu Luji can’t understand why I love it so much. He is used to seeing me watching the news and serious shows. But I can’t miss a single episode of it. I love the different dance styles and the comments each couple gets at the end. This is true entertainment.

  2. I adore that show , it’s really amazing . I wanted Travis to win too he got the charisma and he is really a powerful dancer

    I like his earth dance with Heidi it’s was gr88

    thx alot 4 the links :))

  3. I seem to have missed the previous season, but I caught the first of the new season this week, which was quite enjoyable, especially that I had never seen it before..
    though what i dislike the most about the show is the judges!! Particularly how they dislike disagreeing with each other and any criticism by one of them eventually becomes a group bashing of the contestant…

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