What you will be remembered for ;)

-[ Inji ]-

Successfully defended the world against an alien attack

‘What will you be remembered for?’ at QuizGalaxy.com


13 thoughts on “What you will be remembered for ;)

  1. Deee: Yup… thou shall remember me as your great and powerful saviour 😀

    OpeRon: LOL . Funny part is that I believe you would!! Thanks *blushes* you noticed.

    Sara:Sounds very handy.

    What do you know people, my sci-fi obsession has caught up with me. 😀

  2. “Stopped WW3”..me!!!..what?!

    I wanted to be the one starting it 😦 …or at least to be the one who forged an alliance with the aliens and help them destroy us..including myself,i mean thousands of years on this planet and we came up with the IPod,Windows XP and a TV show about Paris Hilton

  3. LOL. If you’d allow me to make a recommendation… only thing worth reading on this blog is “Ramblings of a disoriented mind” was a rare moment of inspiration… 🙂

  4. awwww Juka..you underestimate the brilliance of your blog…or,ka3adty da7’alt fe restricted area we enty bet7awlee tewaza3eeny bel zoo2

    bass,your blog rocks 😀

  5. hmm perhaps.. still think that if you read it you’d tend to agree with me. Flattered! *blushing smiley* It’s a bit long though so it’s broken down into chapters… starts with the tab next to “Who Am I?”

  6. perhaps eih belzabt..perhaps 3ala el tawzee3 walla el brilliance :D..3ashan ya3nee,el wa7ed eih 3’air karama we yaba7’t men zar we 7’afef we kedda

    *i just have a thing when it comes to blogs..i never take the systematic approach that i usually take..i don’t know why,yep..i am insane,nice to meet you*

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