Can you smell the sea breeze?

Confession: I am not a Cairene, I was neither born nor raised here. As a result, I can’t stand prolonged periods of time in Cairo not intermitted by trips to the open seas. I’m Alexandrian so I’m biased but at this point I don’t care which sea, as long as I get to see the water. Red sea (Sina) excursion sounds like heaven just about now. I’d settle for a weekend in Marsa Matrou7, hell I’ll drive!!!

The crystal blue water…. the cool refreshing breeze…. the colourful summer attires as Egyptians strip down to the minimal basics (why is it MI to find a decent swimsuit in this country, what all of a sudden we are bikini land!!!!!!???)… the beach volley tournaments and the racket games… the teens lying down tanning under the hot desert sun… the little kids building sand castles by the water front, the kites, the music, the salespeople.

I want it all.

I want my summer vacation and I want it right now!!! 

I want to dive into that clear blue water, breaking the tension of the surface, going deeper and deeper, leaving all the worries and thoughts behind. Embracing that state of zen. Ooh I can’t wait.


13 thoughts on “Can you smell the sea breeze?

  1. me too!!! begad!!! THe beach, the book u lazily read on the beach, and the very laid back feeling that comes with it. Would jsut need to switch off those non cessant thoughts that come in one’s head!! and just zone out! Hope u’re feeling better, begad u need a nice break girl! 😀 Call me when u can, i’m still house bound! till bokra a t least

  2. Fadfadation: I would never 😉

    OpeRon: Sure!! 🙂

    Om Luji: You’re welcome to join me, screaming on 3. 1… 2… 😉

    Norah: I miss you loads. I know.. I even know which book I wanna be reading. I shall be phoneless and completely unreachable 😀 Wanna have lunch tomorrow? Will call you.

  3. Damn you , damn you! I actually felt like crying because I’d kill a few kittens (and I really like kittens) to be able to relax on the beach right now.

  4. ooooh, u make it more bitter here, seems all are stressed out & just needed ur wish to identify. im the first here 🙂 so stressed & ur image here makes it sound like heaven ,leavinga ll behind,,,,ooooooh

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