Perfect Stranger

Trying to come up with a single good thing to say about this movie and failing drastically. I didn’t like it, not one bit. Not the least impressed by anything. I wish I could tell you differently, or urge you to see it, but I stand disappointed.

1) I really really hate the title.

2)I could swear I had seen Halle Berry before in the same role, perhaps in Gothica, perhaps in another movie at the start of her career who’s name eludes me.

3) Bruce Willis on the other hand plays a very cliche role who could have been played by any guy in Hollywood!!!

The movie would have been a complete waste of time if the ending had not been decent. Despite the great importance I place on movie endings, even a finish like yours doesn’t excuse the terrible quality of the movie and the cliche story line.

Should’ve seen Spiderman 3!


7 thoughts on “Perfect Stranger

  1. Spiderman III is not that good either , if u ask me
    but Thanks God I didnt go to see perfect stranger, I would have been devastated being a fan of both Hallie B & Bruce Willis 😀

  2. Ravine: Do I look like the advice heeding type?!! 😀

    Forsoothsayer: Happy for you. 🙂 Wouldn’t wish a movie experience like this on anybody.

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