I’m lost and very confused. I’m faced with a critical situation which I’m not quite sure how to handle. First off I must stress that I don’t think too highly of myself at this day and age (click here to avoid redundancy); and that I’m a lazy bum who chalks it up to having been taught that efficiency is getting the most output from the least input, I’m a least input persona.

Anyways, I’ve been struggling with my new job for a while now, feeling very overwhelmed and fretting about having made the wrong move, or bit off more than I could chew. Just a week ago (after 6 month on the job) I was beginning to settle in and feel comfortable.

Amidst this insecurity on my part my boss informs me that he has resigned this Sunday and will only be here for another month and that we should start handover procedure. I must have looked shocked because he kept telling me not to worry and that I’d be more than able to fill his shoes, be the unit, steer the ship. Needless to say I completely beg to differ, I’m panicking like crazy.

Now I have two options:

1) I can take the easy way out, confess to not being able to handle this and heavily recommend they bring in somebody else to fill his spot rather than have me report to the CFO. The lazy ass me is very lenient towards this option.

2) I can really take this opportunity and run with it, I could rise to the challenge and work like I’ve never worked before and by the end of the year earn the right to my boss’s title/position/ salary.

I like to think that I would chose the second option. Only I don’t trust myself so much.

Song of the day: Craig David and Sting ~ Rise and fall


16 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. Juka are you kidding! I totally beleive that u can do it. Don’t u ever say otherwise! I know this may be a big responsability, but you ARE a big responsable person!
    You owe it to urself of showing ur true self.
    Think about what u are going to tell urself in 5 years.

  2. Nousha: Well I’d like to say I’d be able to quote Frost

    I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and ages hence:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.

    But I greatly doubt I have it in me to do so. Not enough spine.

  3. not enough spine??? then where is the dilemma??? are you being really honest with yourself?

    Maybe ask yourself a couple of questions. Why are you feeling overwhelmed with your current position? Insufficient experience/training, or just currently being on the wrong side of the learning curve? #2. Do you have a mentor? Mentors make all the difference in the world.

    Final thought: only those who have truly lived have regrets at the end of their lives. If you decide not to step up, you will always wonder what could have been. Everybody has spine, but it’s something that only gets stronger when it is exercised.

    That being said, this is probably not a life-or-death situation, figuratively, and not the end of the world (or the end of your life, I hope) in either case. Whatever ‘road’ you choose, I hope you will be able to identify the take-away lessons from it and use them to your advantage in the future. Whatever you decide, I wish you the best.

  4. Serici: WOW, that’s some comment. Thanks for your concern. In answer to your questions, this current job is quite the career shift, I’ve changed fields/sectors and anything else you can change; all the novelty has taken time to get used to. In addition to parallel work and study conditions necessitated by my knowledge defficiency in this particular field. I do have a mentor and she’s an amazing woman. She says stay/fight.

    What really worries me is that there is always the unspoken/ unthinkable option 3 – go back to what I kick-ass at without breaking sweat. Only this is one option I know I don’t want to do. It took years to build up courage to switch, can’t waste any more time.

  5. I totally believe that you run with it. I do know that you can not know how far you can go except when you are stretched to the max. Give yourself the chance and do not worry about being some lazy person.. When you have responsibiltites I know that you WILL DO IT.. ISA

    Just give yourself the chance.. Good luck..
    PS. I am totally here to talk if you need to.

  6. Juka, come on.. What? I’ve never seen anybody describe themselves as lazy! And certainly you can make it. Even if you think it is too much for you, as long as it is worth the effort it is your obligation towards yourself to go for it.
    People who failed to handle their future are everywhere around us, I bet you have at least a dozen people you know who have wasted their years without achieving anything. Honestly, I never feel sorry when I hear them talking. Cause they’ve wasted time until time wasted them. Sometimes I can even have very harsh comments to say, that others may see unfit in such situations. But really what should I do if someone comes to me and says, I didn’t study so I failed! or I didn’t work hard enough so now my position is jeapordized!
    So, you can right now choose to move away from this group and do what it takes to secure a better future. Nothing comes easy.

  7. Sarah: Thanks 🙂

    Om Luji: Hmmm lets see “I’ve never seen anybody describe themselves as lazy!” – ah well I never said I was average 😉 You are right about everything else though. Can’t argue, and I’m the most argumentative person I know.

  8. First of all , Congrats! You should give yourself a major pat on the back, first! 😀

    Now, my humble insignificant opinion:

    If you think you’re up to it but it’ll require a lot more work and guts than usual, I say go for it. Things worth having usually require working your rear off.
    If you think you’ll handle this job better and be able to really shine in this position with an additional say, 2 yrs experience, then there’s no shame (or laziness) in turning it down right now. I’m sure you’re great at your job and this is the first of many offers to come. I think you just really have to think it over and decide whether your hesitancy is based on just normal jitters related to handling a new job or because you actually think you’re not as good/experienced as you’d like to be (yet) when handling this sort of job.

    Good luck , thweetie 😀

  9. Do it do it…… if you don’t take it, then what’s the point? Isn’t that what you switched for…. better job, better pay, better something. Think about why you switched. And let me tell you s/th else… if you back out, no one will ever offer you anything again. At least not where you are.

    Another something else: no job is impossible. So what you have to do a couple million other things? Your boss did it… and he wasn’t Superman.

  10. do it Juka. challenge yourself so you will explore & discover more horizons , even if you didn’t make it, at least u tried & definitely learned something through the journey.
    i undertsand ur fears & “laziness” :). but you won’t stop regretting letting this go without trying out.
    let ur fear be a positive motivating one & we support you no matter th eresult is 😉

  11. I know that I’m a bit late, but you know why.
    I”ll tell you my opinion as straight forward and as clear as you’ve always known it.
    You are good enough to take that task. I assure you that, all you need is 2 gms of calmness & you are good to go. You know that you’ve got what it takes to fill in that space, you are just stunned and shocked by how rapid that challenge came into your way. I believe that deep inside you , you’re excited and thrilled. Seek that excitement and use it as your driving force.
    One more thing, I shouldn’t say it but it may help, you have nothing to lose. If you failed in filling that space ( God forbid ), they’ll just get a new boss and you’ll remain in your position. Plus you’ll have learned alot.
    Sorry if I was cruel at some parts, but you know me. …………..;)

  12. Belya: Sound logic, that’s kinda what inspired my before last post, somebody pretty much shook that kinda sense into me. Welcome back *hugs*

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