Long weekend

Hmm. Long time no see. Got quite a few rants to get out of my system.

Tuesday:Day of the soccer fans’ highly awaited match between Ahly and Barcelona. Needless to say when you have someplace to be, chances are you will have a long night at the office. We wrapped up at around 8:30 making it too late for the stadium and mission impossible to find a cafe with empty seating. Would like to thank Zizo for valiant efforts that day. I am much obliged for picking up – driving cafe to cafe – finding seating -watching match – drop of at car. I really am. I might as well add that Zizo is a devoted Zamalek fan and hence found my misery quite entertaining. To the team “7ara2to dammena” that was the worst soccer I’d seen in YEARS. What happened to the boys we cheered in Japan?? Ma 3alina. Got home at an unearthly hour.

Wednesday:Was double booked, had to be in 2 places at the same time and somehow ended up in the place I’d rather not be of the two. Life is grand that way. I totally blame the MBA, what kinda insane dude gives a 4 hour lecture on a Wednesday. Aaaaaaaargh. Funny thing is, he was hopeless, didn’t get a word. Must find good book on the topic.

Thursday:Went door to door trying to find a bank that can issue an Internet card within a week. Apparently I’m way too impatient for banks in Cairo and the fastest I could get it done was 10 days. Yalla, lets hope that is enough time to buy and ship desired item to friends in the States prior to their flight home. Prayers very welcome. Tried to shop that day – conclusion: I need a raise!!!

Friday was uneventful but my car (you all remember my car 😉 ) needed to go for it’s agency overhaul (maintenance etc.) So basically that simple task took from 7 am Saturday to near 3 pm; that’s almost 8 hours to have the car checked and the air condition recharged. I just love the VW people!!! For all you skeptics out there it isn’t the first time, they are always this slow and this inconsiderate!!!!

Kefaya 3alikom keda.

Update: They’ve located my missing exam and I scored an A- 🙂 (apparently I was better off with it lost)

Song of the day: Mika – Stuck in the Middle


7 thoughts on “Long weekend

  1. Isn’t your life a soap opera ?
    since you are so good at writing .. why don’t u write a piece inspired by your life events .. your life posts are much interesting to read .. SERIOUSLY

  2. An A- minus isn’t so bad!! Bel 3ax it’s great!!!! Yalla, think on the brightside! 🙂

    I didn’t watch the match, aywa kont 3arfa enena kona hanetbahdel, so I spent the time working on my Comparative Lit presentation instead :p (Yes, you hate me now, I know :p) lol

    I noticed you’ve got ‘Stuck in the Middle’ as song of the day – ALSO NOTICED THAT OPERON DIDN’T COMMENT ON YOUR CHOICE *cough* Eh ya closet fan? Eh? EH? :p LOL

  3. I totally relate to the Internet card thing. You only need it for this one thing and it takes so long to be issued and then you’re probably never gonna use it again….. but it’s there in case you did…….. 😉

    Mabrouk 3al A-. I’ll take an A- happily any time of year.

  4. I was around… just rebooting… 😀

    For the laptop… most important thing is the warranty. If you don’t fancy sending your laptop back to the states to fix it if it needs fixing (la kadar Allah) you have to get one that has certified vendors here in Egypt and get an international warranty… it will cost a bit more but could save you a lot later. If you want something sturdy but looks boxy get a Thinkpad. If you want something sexy and paper thin get a Sony Vaio. If you just want a good laptop I say stick to a Dell or Toshiba any model that suits you.

    Hope that was helpful. Send me an email if you wanna discuss any specifics.

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