They sat near the end of the plane on the Swiss Air flight leaving Zürich. He’d been struck with another wave of nausea and was sweating as he fought to maintain composure. She seemed genuinely concerned for his well being, meanwhile he was quite embarrassed by his motion sickness and was exerting great mental effort to will it away. She advised him to try and get some sleep after his second trip to the bathroom and endless false alarms. He kept the airplane sickness bag at close reach and surrendered to the heaviness of his eyelids. Before completely going under he ventured a last glance at her.

She sat there looking calm and in control. She had such foreign features, they were always being stopped in the street under the pretext that they were tourists. She had soft red hair and wide hazel eyes against a backdrop of snow white skin. She had on a beige suit and a dark brown shawl wrapped around her shoulders. She offered him a shoulder to lean on to be comfy in his sleep. The pashmina soft to his touch as he gently placed his cheek on her shoulder.

A plane jolt woke him up suddenly, he wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but they were still airborne and it was still daylight. She was listening to her iPod as she read a book. He cautiously shifted his position to be able to watch her. She noticed him move and graced him with a smile. She inquired about his health, he could feel his cheeks flushing in embarrassment, yet he managed to reply, telling her he was better. How could he not be great with her at his side. He asked her what she was listening to, she tilted the iPod so he could read the song and offered him one of her earphones.

He took it, listened to part of the song as he gazed at her, he then attempted a bold move, he spun the wheel turning down the volume, she looked at him inquisitively. He asks if whether she decides to take that other job, this would be the last time they would see each other. She smiled, assuring him that it would not be so, claiming that it was an absurd notion. She turns up the volume again and picks up her book. He flips through the channels watching bits of the different in-flight movie, wondering if it was really true, if he could possibly be wrong.

Six month later he sat listening to his iPod, her song came on, for the first time in his life he wished he had been wrong. 


Song of the day: Staind – Right Here Waiting


11 thoughts on “Zurich

  1. I don’t know what to say,, u kept me speechless for a couple of minutes…
    great story
    very well written
    very sentimental
    great ending
    very sad
    great one

  2. I missed the earlier version of the ending. But I like this one. I had to go back to check if this meant they were together or not….. 😀

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