MBA Rant

Curses (insert your favourite ones because this is a PG blog)

Curses! Curses! Curses!

I have boiling blood coursing through my veins. I have been scammed and there is nothing.. absolutely bloody nothing I can do about it.

I am currently an MBA students at XXX university in Egypt. Their sole competetive advantage was that their classes were over the weekend which was suitable for a working woman such as myself.

Those brainiacs (imbeciles) at the university decide not enough of us have chosen this focus to warrant a class so they decide to move us in with the weekdays crowd. They overlook informing us and just assume all will be alright by us.

I show up on Friday for…class which isn’t there. Get told the wonderful news. Fight and argue and make a fuss and explain how his proposed schedule is a physical impossibility. Nothing! Standard take it or leave it approach.

I take it up to the dean of students and suddenly they are apologetic and are making up scenarios through which I can still attend on weekends.

Final outcome: I’m taking the 4th semester prior to the third with students far more advanced than myself and subjects that rely on subjects I still have not taken. Moreover I have a class on Friday another on Saturday and one on Wednesday (completely ruining every single weekend for the next 3 months). I just can’t believe myself.

Later that day results of the last semester come out I got 2 As… 1 A minus and in the fourth subject they appear to have misplacedmy exam. WTF!!!!! I mean I wasn’t sure what to tell the guy. They have got to be kidding me.

So basically right now I have pending results for semester 2, am enrolled in semester 4 and with no guarantee that semester 3 when taken next winter will be compatible with my work schedule.



15 thoughts on “MBA Rant

  1. Spellz: I can’t help myself, I’ve got to quote “Only 2 things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe” 🙂 I feel exactly the same away about that university.

  2. Shoot that really sound so confusing and messed up.. *Sighs* however on a lighter note remember those days when everything happens for a reason.. May be this just should count as one of them.. Take it easy girl and just take a deeeeeeeeeeep breath

  3. This deserves a big WTF…. but I have to say I have not met a single person part-timing an MBA alongside work who had a happy experience. Regardless of where they’re doing it.

    Good Luck. You’re a fighter. You’ll manage.

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