An Egyptian is shot… business as usual

Waleed Mohamed Shaalan
Hometown: Blacksburg, Virginia (originally from Egypt)
Ph.D. student, Civil Engineering
Student since fall 2006

For those of you living on another planet there was an “incident” at Virginia Tech. A student shot 32 fellow students before taking his own life. One of those victims happens to be an Egyptian PhD engineering student.

In a videotaped message mailed to NBC, Cho (the assailant) said Monday’s massacre could have been avoided.

“You forced me into a corner and gave me only one option,” he said.

You could read all about this on CNN or wherever, you could even watch videos of the murderer talking about how they forced him etc..

Just thinking how different headlines would have been, had it been our young engineer caught with the gun in his hand. Willing to bet the word “terrorism” would be splattered all over the news headlines. Any takers?

Finally, could you all kindly say a prayer for all those who died. Say the prayer to whatever God you believe in, in whatever language you pray in, but please light a candle or whisper a prayer. Thanks.


12 thoughts on “An Egyptian is shot… business as usual

  1. Nesrine: I had intended to not post this week, potentially give up blogging alltogether, but the incident had me itching to scream, and here seems to be the next best thing. Thanks for your prayers.

  2. 😦 MAy Allah Bless his soul and all the other victims
    Dad told me that there were other Arabs too
    “it’s not that I’m biased bs t7essi man7useet 7atta over seas!”
    ur words about terrorism reminded me of the Joke about the Arabian Guy who shot the Dog

    Like we are always accused even if we were the victims

    wat made me really laugh, eno magles wezart S. Corea 3amal egtema3 to discuss and see the suitable acts
    I wonder if the guy was Egyptian kan ih hay7sal!!

  3. Spellz: Thanks, I remember the joke, glad you like the layout. Can’t say it is permanent though.

    Angelo: All of us here are too. Thank you.

  4. I don’t know what to say. He seems very unlucky to be killed like that. They guy was a genius, brilliant! I’m praying for his family right now. And yes they would have used the T word without thinking…

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