My car hates me some more

My beloved book club hosted a presentation on Freud by non-other than our Kyra. Presentation was amazing, after which Kyra, Willy, Daisy and I decided to go grab a coffee at Costa. We had a great time, hot chocolate was great and can’t speak about the company and not come across as biased. Conversation topics varied amongst them we spoke of recent extreme car stories. Freud would argue that our subconscious was anticipating the events yet to come, attempting to warn us by pushing random car breakdown stories to our consciousness.

We walked to my car arguing itinerary for dropping everybody off. They wanted to take a cab, but I insisted on driving them. Or at least intended to :S

We all got into the car, strapped in and then surprise, surprise the car wouldn’t start. Battery completely dead. And I know what the guys are thinking, NO, I had not forgotten the lights on, it was entirely a freak accident. We tried repetitively. We moaned, we prayed, we started calling guys we know.

Tarra ra ram tarraaaa

Oraby to the rescue. Oraby, Sakalans, and Ahmed Sanad (a young man who was a complete stranger up to 2 hours ago), our chivalrous knights in shining armour. Your regular Damsel-in-distress situation. Having sent the rest of the girls home. We embarked on the journey to fix the car. After making a few calls we finally located the battery. We used cables to jump start the otherwise dead car. What do you know, that actually worked. :D:D

Don’t start smiling just yet, if only life was that simple. Not only was it sufficient to get it working, sustainability is an issue. We needed to make sure it wouldn’t stop again in the middle of the 6 October bridge. So experimentation time. Felt like O-level Physics all over again. Light intensity tests. Drive around the block. Finally the switch off and back on again. Car failed….

We decided to park it and just leave it there and get home cause my curfew was rapidly approaching. Problem was to park it they had to do that manually, pushing it forward and back till it was finally parallel parked. Can’t begin to tell you what great shape the guys are in. Kudos for working out. Only one hitch, we had to close the window that was open to steer while parking. Not enough electricity in the system to close that window. So had to roll it out again, start it Amricany (refer to my Adventure thread for detailed description) close the window then park it again…

I am ashamed of the extent to which my car and I caused them trouble, effort and inconvenience. Moreover it doesn’t end there. Chivalry is alive and well. I got a ride home, to Mohandseen, on a Friday. Ya3ny begad ya Amr mesh 3arfa awady gamaillak fein.

Anyway, home at last… Tomorrow will buy a battery and take a mechanic and go pick up the car, but for now, safe and sound.

Special thanks to Amr, Ahmed and Sakalans. Seriously don’t know what to say. What words would express the gratitude.

Daisy, don’t know what to tell you, it seems I am rather a crisis magnet, gat feeky elmarra dih. 🙂 My bad.


11 thoughts on “My car hates me some more

  1. oh God Girl
    that was hillarious yet Sad 😦
    Glad u had that help from those guys
    and soon recovery for the car lol

    “zat’s y I guess I’ll never drive”
    Errr no I haven’t decided yet

  2. Oh I am sorry to hear that your car did not contribute in making your outing funnier.. Anyhow I am glad you had help or else it would have been a real crisis.
    What about that coffee we talked about?? Is it still on??

  3. Nousha:Yeah, BC guys rock.

    Deee: in Alex now, but a Cairo dweller *sigh*. Who do we know in common???

    OpeRon: LOL, glad the VW could entertain.

    Spellz: It hates me. I keep flirting with other cars, and now my own car hates me 😦

    Mak: YUP

    Sarah: I’m in Alex dear, I used the wordpress timer to publish this post, set it up on Friday. Would still love to catch that coffee. Perhaps next weekend 🙂 Hugs from Alex.

  4. Oraby and Sakalans!! They’re friends of my best friend, met Amr a few times and Sakalans once! They’re both really nice people! What are the odds!

  5. Deee: Yeah!! What are the odds, you know my knights in a shining pick-up truck 😀 They are the greatest aren’t they?!!! Small small world.

  6. Ravine: These are not intended for dissuasion, instead for solace in the fact that we all suffer and not just public transportation victims. Meanwhile, when you do decide to drive have me e-mail you the secret driving rule book 😀

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