Juka’s Theory of Significance

Rule 1: Don’t worry about the small things.

Rule 2: All things are small things.

Rule 3: Look at the big picture.

Rule 4: Its darkest before the light.

Rule 5: When all else fails, do what you were supposed to do from the beginning, look to the Lord for help.

Rule 6: There are no such things as friends, there are intimate acquaintances, and less intimate acquaintances and all the people you know move in these cycles. (Everyone else is just an acquaintance waiting to happen).

Rule 7: Have high expectations but also be prepared for dire consequences. Then no matter what happens be accepting.

Rule 8: When confronted with a problem… breathe, count to 10, then self implode.

Rule 9: Don’t compromise before a marriage, cause you definitely will be compromising after it.

Rule 10: Nothing matters, no bloody thing on the planet is worth crying over, getting upset over or loosing your temper.

Rule 11: Newton was wrong, every action has a reaction. (The opposite and equal part is highly debatable).

Finally remember, “marrara” transfer operations are costly, so belra7a 3aliha la tetfe2e3.


7 thoughts on “Juka’s Theory of Significance

  1. but if all things are small things and we shouldn’t worry about small things, why look at the big picture if it’s in reality made up of small things? 😛 (this is me being a total smart-ass btw lol)

    I totally agree with 5,9,10 and 11 though and about our “marrara’s” being much too precious.

  2. Ravine: Smart ass all you like, but behold I can defend the theory. Does the word “synergy” mean anything to you? Individual items combined mean more in their entity than they did in their individuality. Hence the points above may hold simultaneously! 😉

  3. Ra3d: You took it quite negatively. My intention was.. look at the people around you these days that you call friends, chances are they are a different group than the ones who used to hold that label a couple of years ago. My idealistic definition of friendship doesn’t (seldom) exists in reality.

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