Back when we were young :)

Tagged by Om Luji (sorry for the delay, trying not to blog on weekends in an attempt to curb my internet addiction, failing drastically, considering purchasing a Blackberry).

School Days Tag:

1. Did you use to be a good student at school?

Ok, if you had not come to that conclusion already from following this blog I was (still am probably) quite the nerd/geek. My father has his own mathematical formula. Hence I’ve been given a very promising set of genes, I was gifted that way. I was always really bright, I grasped new concepts well and thus was that annoying student in class who kept answering the teacher’s questions and finishing their sentences etc.. Wasn’t much into studying though, was conceited enough to think I didn’t need it. Plus time spent studying was time I couldn’t spend at the club or reading or playing video games.

2. What were your most loved and most hated subjects?

I have a natural knack for numbers so I’ve always loved mathematics, science (physics, chemistry and biology in this order), and English literature. On the other hand I’ve always hated the social sciences (sounds weird coming from an economist, I KNOW!!) but I could never enjoy geography, history, etc…

3. When young, what did you want to become?

I used to change my mind a lot, when i was really young I wanted to be a scientist, I think I wanted to be one all the way up to 6th grade, then for a while I had this whole superhero complex about being a doctor and saving the world. Turns out I don’t have the stomach for that. Then in high school I had come to the conclusion that I wanted to be an engineer (see favorite subjects above). Was an IGCSE student and wanted to continue my undergraduate studies at Cambridge. Only, you don’t always get to do what you want. Yalla…

This was fun dear, thanks for the tag. Hope the answers were not too disappointing.

Hmmmm tagging… let’s see…. Mak, Belya, Sou, OpeRon, Ravine and Nousha.


17 thoughts on “Back when we were young :)

  1. Mak: 3eib 3alik. I’m an addict. In this chronological order Atary – Sega – Nintendo – Play Station 1 – Play Station 2 ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m told I’m missing out on the more recent stuff, but these days I feel like I hardly ever play ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. wow, more than i expected, help me out then,
    a manager want to determine the best price to charge a product, assuming the marginal cost of providing this service is zero and monthly demand is estimated to be q=100-2p where p is price, q number of units.
    what price would u charge, how many units sold at thid price and y u chose this price.

    any clue?

  3. Ravine: I miss you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Askandarani: WOW.. yaaaah.

    Ok ya seedy, it’s simple calculus.
    Step1: Get p as a function in q
    p=50 – 0.5 q
    MC is the differentiation of p with respect to q, since at equilibrium demand is equal to supply.
    Demand = pq = 50q – 0.5q2
    Partial q/ partial p = 50 – q = 0

    Equilibrium q = 50 and equilibrium p (substitute in first equation) is 25

  4. great, but what is the relation between marginal cost and demand and supply?

    do i sound stupid?!!
    reminded me of an old saying used to be said by professors
    student will i ever use this?
    professor, only if your career is succeessful

  5. OK, think of marginal cost as the differentiation of supply. Hence at equilibrium you will equate it to the differentiation of demand. Demand will be computed through multiplying p and q (provided one is defined as the other).

    Am I making sense?

  6. Om Luji: Oh I do ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for caring. They grew on me during university ๐Ÿ™‚ Economics at least and slowly political science.

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