Riding the wave
Going with the flow
Been doing that my whole life
Don’t wanna do it no more

Stuck in this loop
For as long as I remember
Drained… going around in cycles
With time I’m developing a temper

I know you, but do you know me?
You think you do, but this all ain’t real.
It’s the same script over and over
When curtain falls, this game will be over

We meet, we become close,
we tragically lose touch.
Pardon, did I say tragic?
At times it ain’t much.

Do I bore that easy?
Oh wait, it isn’t always me.
Typical to assume blame though
First person I blame is me.

In and out of each other’s lives
Quick glimpses, scenes, flashes sights and smells.
When the dust has settled
Chances are we’ll all be dead.

I’m left with the memories and the open sea
Washed out to shore, who me?
Nah you’ve got the wrong surfer.
That broken soul ain’t me.

Get back on the board, catch the wave, go with the flow.


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