If you could be…

My friends and I play this game quite often, decided to bring you guys into it. Kinda like spin the bottle, but a more intellectual version. We spin and whoever it points to asks a question and we take turns answering these questions. Questions often span from “Do you believe in evolution?” to “Coke or Pepsi?”.

Anyways your question for the day is:

“If you could be anybody in any era; who would you be? what would you be doing? why did you pick that person?”

Looking forward to hearing your answers, will share some of ours in the comments 🙂

OK, here goes:

Dega wanted to be a gladiator, fighting for his life, glory and the love of the queen 🙂

Kyra wanted to be British royalty.

Shico wanted to be a high priestess in ancient Egypt.

I just might say I’m surprised at our answers, I really expected something along the lines of “I wanna be a rockstar”.

My answer for today: Queen Rania of Jordan – cause well, I gotta admit from where I’m standing it does look like she’s got it all + I have this obsession with making an impact on the world, and I believe she really is.


16 thoughts on “If you could be…

  1. Was asked on MSN so sharing.. yalla 😉

    First time round I wanted to be “Eve”.. because I’m egotistical enough (world centers around my existence); and cause I wanted the luxury of experiencing everything for the first time.

    Any takers??

  2. i would love to be somebody in the position to help people
    like florence nightingale
    or maybe mother teresa
    but i dont think that i as i am can handle it, dont think i can be so unselfish and stay strong for the people who need my help. i think i would eventually fizzle and stop giving what needs to be given.
    but i would love to be able to give unconditionally and help and be less self concerned
    as to a one particular person i would like to be, maybe i need to give it more thought….

  3. An Egyptian aristocrat in the 30s or 40s.
    Filthy rich.
    HUGE house/garden/estate…etc
    Travel for shopping in Paris.
    Marry someone even richer 😛
    Play the piano.
    Have private tutors.
    Always look impecable in HUGE dresses..
    Ride hourses & breathe fresh air..

  4. “If you could be anybody in any era; who would you be? what would you be doing? why did you pick that person?”

    Pharoes Era or the 20s and 30s in Egypt
    I’d be hatchepsut or some one of the feminism leaders in the 20s or 30s
    lol either ruling egypt or freeing the women of egypt
    I picked it for my own selfish reasons 😀
    naah It;s zat I’m fond of the pharoes and being a queen would be cool
    and of course I love the 20s pple were all happy and high!

  5. Hmmm.. I would be my own made up person. Her name would be Ariennette, and she would be the epitome of beauty and power. See, beauty IS power.

    Share some more answers 🙂

  6. Well I would be someone with secret powers like Charmed.. I would have loved to read people’s thoughts.. to see all that is lying beneath the surface.. It would be nice to have a head start for a change

  7. Reem: I believe you’d make a great mother Teressa, you are more patient and tolerant than you think.

    AAB: Sounds nice, do I get invited for English tea at Montazah??

    Spellz: You’d rather be Hatchupsut than Cleopatra?? 😉

    OpeRon: LOL. I was thinking real people rather than fictional but HP would be cool 😀

    Maxxed Out: Yup, they are the sweetest, only problem there it… everybody eventually grows up.

    Dee-Vine: Gorgeous; you are already!! Will share some more 7ader.

    Sarah: Hmmm… that brings another question to mind. Might post it next week. Have you seen “What women want?”

  8. i want to be two:
    1-Gandhi: to be the change I want to see in my world, just as what he did.
    2- Soliman ( 3alih El Salam): to understand what animals say & to have the best original Arabic horses. & to rule Gennies 🙂 & be their master. what a power!!

    amazing game, keep asking

  9. I would go for Helen of Troy, you really cannot see any good portion of character development in her story. The larger story is literally involved with the rise and fall of people around her. She even displayed very little emotions and was sort of unaffected by the trojan war outcome. However, she is considered the most controversial female characters in literature, has been the literary and mythic symbol of beauty. She is an intersting character and I wish I know what on earth what she was thinking!!

  10. Hmmm, who would i be ? This will sound lame but Leo Da Vinci, my reason is .. i just wanna know what was going on in that brain of his!
    There were plenty more but he was the first to come into my head.

  11. Ra3d: I’ve already told you this on your blog, but I love your answers.

    Nerro: If the guys back then looked anything like Eric Bana and Brad Pitt I can’t blame you 🙂

    Salman: Not lame!

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  13. I imagine I would want to be the Queen of Sheba /Sabba….why? b/c she was a queen, wise, and lucky enough to meet Prophet Salmon/Suliman…I’m not sure, did they get married?…anyway, I think they had enchanting civilizations at that time….excellent game/question.

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