On WordPress and reading lists

Sorry for the disappearance, our office MIS team decided to block wordpress. I usually blog at work so you can imagine how distressed I am that now due to this brilliant move on their part I can read every single blog in existence but can’t access my own!!!!!!!

Ok… I have 2 finals to go and I’m home-free. To celebrate this grand occasion I’ve prepared a reading list of non-academic books Sou style.

1. Pride and prejudice ~ For our private book club Sou and I.

2. Kite runner ~ I promised AH I’d lend her the book so I wanna read it first 🙂

3. The map of love ~ Nousha was actually kind enough to buy me a copy and get it autographed while Ahdaf was at Diwan. I mean how sweet is THAT.

4. Chicago (new Alaa Aswany)

5. 11 Minutes ~ My friends who are Paulo fans are still trying to talk me into how brilliant the guy is. Will give this book a try.

6. Harry potter 🙂 I need the mental break.

7. The old man and the sea ~ this book has been on my wishlist for years, hopefully this time I’ll actually read it.

8. Taxi (a new bestseller in arabic talking about life in Egypt from the perspective and the philosophies of those average joes)

Hmm… those are my most pressing ones for now.


9 thoughts on “On WordPress and reading lists

  1. What’s with the blocking frenzy… I hate this…

    Good luck on your finals.

    Is Ahdaf a good author? I’ve been hearing about her a lot lately but never read any of her stuff.

  2. ah pride and prejudice
    Don’t read it my frnd 😥
    Lol u can ask Ravine the reason why :d
    “I’m kidding it’s amazing”

    I heard that Chicagho is bad

    Harry potter… omg u too 😀

    the old man and the sea … I wanna read it too!

    I heard that taxi is good…. it’s a best seller on vergin mega stors

    good luck with ur finals honey

  3. Mak: I’ve never read Ahdaf, but given the volume of the fuss I’m quite curious to read.

    OpeRon: SURE

    Spellz: Wallahy impressions vary for that book, we’ll see. Will keep you posted. As for Chicago; I liked his other book enough to give this one a try. Harry Potter me too, I wasn’t aware that non-fans exist 😉

    Thanks for the good wishes. Had one today, that makes it 3 finals down, 3 term papers down and only 1 final to go. WOOHOO.

  4. the map of love da bedan. i don’t know how she manages to be both orientalist and odiously culturally relativist, but she does. she also romanticizes shit neik and her historical recreation falls far short of being convincing.

  5. Pride & Prejudice got me into Jane Austen, like really bad. I couldn’t believe I, all cold hearted and cynical, was swaying after I read this book. I hope u enjoy it.
    I’ve read 2 hemingways and I’ve been looking for the old man at the sea for a while but I only ever find the 2 I have and to whom the bell tolls (which is too thick a book for me to be reading right now tbh :D).

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