Different people do different things to unwind, personally when I’m not working, studying or hanging out with friends I enjoy a little tv. Series such as Lost, Prison Break and Desperate Housewives; movies or just reality TV shows. The following based on such incident so if this is too airheaded for you click next.

This week on the Arab version of the Fame School reality tv show, namely Star Academy, two of my favourite performers (Tina and Mohamed Ammah) are nominated with quite high odds that they are both going home.

(YES yes star academy is a waste of time and money and there are people dying somewhere and starving someplace else and there is a million different better things I could be doing/ watching and this show is the devil. Did I miss anything???)

Anyways…. not asking you to vote for either of them god forbid!!!!! Instead I kinda like this couple and think they are both great overall performers who can sing, dance, play instruments, write lyrics and compose. I leave you with a duo that they wrote, as a tribute to them so to speak.


5 thoughts on “Unwind

  1. it’s a big loss they went home, they sound so great & matching together.i heared this a week ago & really admired it.
    great choice though myself is nt a real fan of star academy

  2. I don’t think Star Academy is waste of time (but yes for mony)…it’s a good show in the end; although most of the time I don’t agree with the results since anyone who votes chooses the person from his/her own country.

  3. Sou 🙂 Was she that bad??!!

    Ra3d: I just love this song, don’t have time to watch the actual program, but the notion doesn’t bother me 🙂 Any idea why LBC stopped doing the Arab version of Survivor??

    Angelo: True that seems to be a problem… but still from the look of things, this year it’s anybody’s game.

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