You are the weakest link — allah ma3ak

Remember that show, used to air on Future a couple of years ago? Game show, tested your knowledge at high speeds and the competitors got to vote off anybody with brains.. ring bells?

Ma 3alina.

A friend of mine is reading “Blink”. I have not read it yet, not my style, but might after today’s chat session. Anyways, in a part of the book he supposedly discusses the different types of people. She says one part reminded her of me, he was discussing people who worked hard at keeping strong their weak ties. Make sense? He was talking about investing in maintaining a large network of acquaintances and working hard on maintaining it and keeping in touch with these people, calling, mailing, seeing them every now and then.

That kinda rang true, being honest wallahy, only part that bothered me is that meanwhile I’ve been not working on my strong ties. My really close intimate circle of friends know this the hard way, we seldom call, we seldom e-mail; we seldom meet, my schedule is insane, we end up seeing each other only on special occassions. Yet those are the people who know me the most, who have known me the longest or the most intensively. They are the people who mean the world to me. The ones who upon meeting after 6 months of nothing can resume conversations where we left off. The ones that you call when life has kicked you in the shin, or when you need some serious advice. The kind who get you without you speaking. The ones you are sure are joyous for your good news and broken up over your sad. They type who live in your heart and mind, even if they don’t cross your path as often as you’d both like.

You know who you are and I hope you are reading. For all those really important people out there. I know I don’t say it enough, nor do we see each other enough, but I love you, you girls/guys rock my world, I’m a better person because of you and you are always on my mind whatever I do. Will work on reversing the trend, of this you can be sure.

Miss you all molto molto, till soon isa.

Song of the day: Samira Sa3eid ~ Benlef (I would actually pay good money for the mp3 version of the song, any takers??)


13 thoughts on “You are the weakest link — allah ma3ak

  1. La2 begad u r sweeeeeeeeeeet. Your words are truely felt….u r always 2 in my mind, and i know will keep this till our teeth fell down :)) LOOOOL

    Love ya Girl

  2. i feel u Inji very much
    and more than u can imagin
    u rnt the only one to have those feelings
    we all have
    u know Inji life is too tough
    i didnt expect to b tough that much
    but the most beutiful thing the string between us
    may be we are apart may be each of us in a different way
    but we ahve always something in common that will bring us together again
    \I miss u dear

  3. strong, sentimental post, I hope ur friends would definitely read that to know how much they mean to u.

    (You remind me of calling my best friend right away) 🙂

    BTW Ahdaf Soueif signed ur copy of “the Map of Love” as “to Ingie” ! 🙂 I think it’s cute

  4. hon..i admire your loyalty to your friends..
    need more people like you to make earth a friendlier place 🙂
    we could also all wear name tags !

  5. how true your words are ya juka, wish i’d resend u the same words exactly as i truly feel the same if not more 🙂 may allah protect our friendship now and then :):)

  6. Nousha: Thanks love, that was mighty sweet of you, totally lost for words here.

    Asraralbanat: I love you girls.

    Everybody else: As long as u know… as long as you know……

  7. all respect and love to you my friend

    u r a role model to me in your smile and passion!

    u r a good thing in life

  8. We all need to just come clean and admit what we feel towards other people specailly good people we have around oin our lives but the giant big wheel sometimes takes us away.. Glad you feel like your life is filled with good people Juka..

  9. Ouff: All respect and love to you my friend. I’m humbled by your kind words. U r a great thing in life yourself. Smile 🙂

    Sarah: These are my confessions 😉 It is, only I’m not sure they know it, but it’s a reassuring thought. Glad to read that you are starting to find that inner peace.

  10. I totally understand where u r coming from.. however, I do believe that everyone passes through this stage of life when his schedule is insane and he cannot see his inner circle .. devastating but true :S

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