Ahem, I actually can’t remember if I had posted this before 😦

In an unprecedented crusade to clear surfaces for my study material I came across this. Hope you guys like it.


Though Sindbad may have travelled the 7 seas.
He could never hold a torch to me.

My travels are more complex, more unique.
More profound and precious is the prize I seek.

For eternity I shall travel that uncharted course.
As I loose myself, mesmerized by those eyes of yours.

I journied as I delved deeper into your soul.
In an endless quest to answer that call.

Time passed, I lost track of how long.
By the time I snapped back… you were gone.

Song of the day: INXS – Afterglow


6 thoughts on “Sindbad

  1. Ravine: not recently lel2asaf and in all honesty was an idea rather than a sentiment. I have better grasp of technique when I’m not emotionally charged.

  2. Ravine: I’m usually the more depressive kinda author 😉 there are two other love related poems somewhere on this blog, would love your input on them.

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