One Shot

Update: Title changed upon the request of the great and powerful Ope.

This scene has been playing through my head for days now. So I’m finally sitting down and typing it up.

 Lone figure enters dark alley, she appears to be very frazzled. She keeps looking right and left to make sure nobody has followed. She pressed her body against the dark alley wall and takes side strides further into the alley, away from the street. Her breath is ragged and she pants repetitively. The heaviness in her breath partially attributed to the exhaustion of the run and partially to nerves. Hers were completely frayed. She checks the entrance of the alleyway one last time. Stepping out of the shadows to the center of the alley, by a big heavy disgusting smelling dumpster. She takes out an object from inside her jacket. She carefully unwraps the handkershief to reveal a gleaming gun.

The site of the gun throws her off and she must bend her knees to steady herself. Slowly and with a trembling hand she lifts the gun to eye level. She clenches her other hand into a fist, her nails biting into her palm. She’s scared, but there is no other way. If she doesn’t do it they will. She grits her teeth, puts the gun to her temple and fires a shot.

The sound of the gunshot echoing in the silent alley as she drops to the ground in a thud. First she comes crashing down on her knees, then loosing all control she sprawls face down on the asphalt floor. Blood pours out of the gunshot wound. Her body gives off one final spasm before coming to a complete halt.

A voice echoes from the distant heavens “Inji you better be working on that paper”. I am I am 🙂

Song of the day: I’m a hazard to myself. (saw that one coming akeed)


14 thoughts on “One Shot

  1. Eih ya Juka……se3bty 3alaya begad………i never thought it s that ta7n….hang on girl!!! This means after exams we have to celebrate:))) Haloloyaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. LOL!
    begad i burst into laughs when i reached the last line!
    i can see that ur exams inspire u in a way!
    lovely written!
    i love it when u write when you are “tensed”..LOL!

  3. AAB, Shico, Maro: AIWA. It’s that bad, or anna bastahbel, or a bit of both. I’m just dead tired and VERY VERY cranky. Moreover, yeah you are right, exams bring out the suicidal bomber within.

  4. Sherry: Celebrations sounds wonderful, make reservations for the 23rd. Let’s go to the same place as last time only lets sit open air for a change. 🙂

  5. Ok.. I love the simple yet complex description of the scene, however, I don’t like the title much .. I am sure you could have put more excitement into it .. you are more than capable & talented indeed 🙂

  6. Wow! Eh dah ya Jux! It sounded SO REAL! Ya3ni khaleteeni a3eesh el moment! Stop thinking suicidal thoughts, it’s only a paper! (look who’s talking, coming from a person who contemplated throwing herself out the window!) LOL

    Take it easy ya 3azeezi 😀

  7. Sou: Matkhafeesh ya fandem, anna mosayter 3alla elwad3 tammaman (did they air that commercial in Kuwait??). 😀 Anyways… it was only a paper, it’s DONE elhamdollelah. 3o2bal elba2y.

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