This time last year

Thunder of Prayer

It was an odd time for mankind. Injustice was increasing; and not exclusively among the obvious villains. People were no longer black nor white instead a spectrum of grey.

He approached the cornered individual that was his victim for the day. His towering figure blocking out the street light. He loomed above him his arm poised to strike.

It began; merely a whisper, like the buzz of a wasp; a persistent and growing hum. He swatted the air around his ears trying to knock that sound out of his head and slowly walked towards his prey.

Louder and louder came the phrases rushing to his head. The hum now a full blown roar; a thunder of prayer.

Sighs of the weak

screams of the hurt

tears of the torn

thanks of the mighty

roar of the heroes

Prayer of every shape and kind.

An endless stream, in all languages of the universe, yet all understood.

A thunder that broke the silence of the night, its lightening filled the skies.

As that thunder of prayer headed for the heavens above.




5 thoughts on “This time last year

  1. You are both too kind…

    Nesrina: Welcome to my humble abode, hope it’s not proving too boring.

    Sarah: I have finals these days, it’s been almost a year since I’ve written anything of value. Might give up blogging soon. Thanks, you are too kind though, my humble ramblings are unworthy of your kindness or your attention.

    May your skies be clear and your winds favourable.

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