My Kyra

Update: Ahem! Sou brought to my attention that this post may prove depressing to current students. So everybody younger than 21 steer clear 🙂

She was different. I couldn’t quite place it but something was definitely amiss. She had a vacant glaze where before her eyes had shone with energy reflective of her inner glow. She was going places. She had such intelligence, wit and charm. Yet today, she looked rather wasted.

I questioned her, she kept reassuring me that she was fine, but I knew better. Finally she looked me straight in the eye and said:

“It’s just I’ve suddenly realized I’m not all that. I’m not as great as I always believed myself to be”.

I finally got it. My little princess had gotten an unhealthy dose of reality and it had left her reeling. Life does that to you. It lets you grow up merry-go-lucky; dreaming of the days yet to come. Every pebble a treasure every star a distant dream. Then you graduate university, bursting with potential, ambition, ideas and energy. Only to have reality slam you in the face, cause it ain’t that easy. Oh I wish it were.

To all those out there who feel reality has let them down; it’s too early to give up on the fight. You shouldn’t lose your rosy perception. Lift your chin up and smile if for no other reason but to spite it. It will all be good. You’ll see.

If the name Kyra doesn’t ring a bell…click here.


12 thoughts on “My Kyra

  1. “Then you graduate university, bursting with potential, ambition, ideas and energy. Only to have reality slam you in the face, cause it ain’t that easy. Oh I wish it were.”

    Ya lahwiiii!! What a thing to say to someone who’s still at uni! Ya lahwi, ya lahwi! *cries*

  2. And you know what, no matter how hard you try to convince them that university days are the best, enjoy them to the fullest and try to stay there as long as possible, they still complain that they wanna graduate and embark on the life they think they’re gonna lead…….. I want back.

  3. Sarah: Oh please don’t let go, no matter how tempting.

    Sou: 7a2ek 3alina 🙂 in the future all posts will be marked for appropriateness to all potential blogging age groups :p

    Mak: I want back too.

  4. :\
    I’m still a student
    actually since i entered this colg i never felt that i have any talant or any futur
    so i guess i;m ready to face real life cozi am in it already

    I guess the risponsibilty and the extra work will be the only things i havent really practised yet
    or u can say i chose not to

    Anyways good luck for her. every stage in our lives has its good and bad moments
    C’est la vie!

  5. I tend to think that self-doubt can eventually help you become better at what you do. If you feel that you’re not as great as you thought you were (even if you’re underestimating yourself) it can go both ways; either depress you, or make you strive harder to prove yourself to well, yourself.

  6. Belya and Ravine: you two actually know the girl in question 🙂 so any comments headed in her direction are appreciated by moi.

    Spellz: Too bad, no I really had a great 4 years of university. My main shock with reality was last year in highschool 🙂 You are right, nevertheless, everything works out at the end.

  7. She told me the same phrase. I was under the gloomy sky then, so I couldn’t find a better way than comforting her and re-assuring her except by comparing her chances in changing the world to mine under the current situations 🙂

  8. Bleya: Depressive as it was, I’m afraid you are right, my heart goes out to you.

    OpeRon: Sorry man!! Was just reflecting. Hope things are looking up.

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