Diaries of the Leaper

Dear all, this was written as a potential sequel to Ramblings of the Disoriented Mind. If you have not read that, I urge you to do so prior to reading this.

Diaries of the Leaper


It’s been a couple of weeks now since I’ve left the institution, yet the memories of my leaps remain emblazoned fresh and in full colour in my mind. It is in an attempt at self therapy that I write them. In an attempt to make some cash that I am publishing them for you to read.

Chapter 1: 

The Werewolf Diaries

AWOOOOOOO! The gruff howl echoed for miles around. I stared up at the full moon, seeing it as if for the first time. Perhaps it was rather not the moon but my eyes that were different. It’s not like I had ever been a wolf before. I scratched my ears with my back left paw. Stretched my two front paws in front of me and gave a long yawn that stretched every single muscle along my spine. Amazing how accepting you become of weird things when they happen often enough. Not too long ago I was shocked to wake up a little boy and now I was perfectly ok with looking down at the reflection of a full-grown grey wolf. The landscape had changed too, no longer desert, instead I appeared to be in a densely forested area not too far from the city. I could hear the highway not too far away and the sound of speeding cars and screeching tires. I knew there must be a bend near by. Enthralled by my newfound sharpness of the senses I took one whiff of the air and was on the scent. Nose to the ground as I scurried between the trees avoiding the lower branches. I finally reached the highway, I moved parallel to it until I reached the city. It would be dawn soon and I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was somewhere I needed to be.

My feet moved on their own along the beaten path. I arrived at what seemed to be my destination. It was a building not too far from the edge of the forest. I climbed the fire escape to the second floor window, to my bewilderment it was open, moreover, I knew it would be. That really spooked me; then again it wasn’t like I was having an ordinary day all together. I bent my head just low enough to pass through the open window and landed with a soft thud on my padded paws on the carpet in the center of the room. Everything about that apartment screamed that it was mine, yet I couldn’t imagine how. Ah the sun is about to break. I stood on my hind legs, paws on the windowsill watching the beauty that the lord has given to us. The majestic sun breaking the horizon, inching upwards, painting the sky a glorious shade of blue, its light penetrating the darkness. I suddenly felt a sharp pain and fell to the ground, writhing and yelping and gasping for breath. Once the convulsions were over I was human once again. I carefully got to my feet as the Werewolf of Nowheresville headed for the shower.

I stood there dripping water in the Werewolf’s bathroom, wrapped in a towel and examining myself in the mirror. To my surprise the Werewolf of Nowheresville turned out to be a rather attractive European looking woman somewhere in her mid 30s. Not a single scratch or bruise, you’d expect some on someone who was a Wolf the previous night. Ahh, how tempting it was to just jump onto that king sized luxurious bed and do nothing all day. Yet based on events so far I doubted I’d be around for much longer, would hate to ruin someone’s life. If only I could figure out who she was and what she did. I opened the wardrobe hoping to get some hints there. Was blown out of my mind, this woman could shop; she had amazing taste, quite expensive at that. Judging from how formal the wardrobe was, she was probably a big executive somewhere. Where? That I was yet to figure out. I flipped through the assortment of suits in her wardrobe and stopped at a navy blue suit that looked like it would really bring out her eyes. It was tight fitting and the fabric and colour were amazing. I eyed the collection of bags and shoes with a tinge of envy; how come shopping in Egypt isn’t that easy!!! Ok, now I’m dressed for success, I located her wallet, her ID read “Marketing Manager” at a famous multinational. Wow, so our Werewolf was a manager. Impressive! Keys on the bedside table were of a Ferrari. I wouldn’t dare!! Or would I??

WOOHOOO!! This is living. I sped down 4th Avenue in the sleek red sports car practically flying off the road. It was amazing how it drove, the sensation of being so close to the ground with such a powerful engine. It purred like a tiger, I was having the time of my life. In record time I was at the building, alas, if only the trip could have been longer. I swiped her … my sign in card at the parking entrance and parked in the VIP slots, praying I had chosen the right one. I descended and took a minute to collect myself, remember, I’m an executive, I’m important, I’m confident, I’m in total control. Remember to breathe. OK. I slowly but confidently walked towards the elevator. There was a bunch of people standing there in their expensive Armani suits and designer brief cases waiting on the elevator as well. Who knew there is equality after all, no matter how big you are, you’ve still gotta wait on that elevator. Good morning Susan. Shucks, I’ve got to start remembering that. Susan it is.   


7 thoughts on “Diaries of the Leaper

  1. Aha! I’ve read this before and I really liked it. Continue plz.;D

    I wanted to tell you this the first time and I hate to be a spelling nazi but I can’t control myself especially with supernatural creatures…* whispers * it’s werewolf :X.

  2. NICE!!!!

    Not as formal in your writing as your previous short stories, bas in some way I felt closer to the character. 🙂

    Yalla ya Juka, don’t leave us hanging! 🙂

  3. Sou: Hate to break it to you, but that’s all I’ve written so far 😦

    As for the casual manner of the writing, would you believe me if I told you it was intentional. For the first one was written by an omnipotent narrarator while this one was written by her.

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