Stormy Weather II

Continued from…..

Suddenly a fuzzy image started to appear in the haze that is my awarness. It seemed like it was round red lights. Dear lord, it was the breaklight of a Kia Sephia. I snapped out of my day dream just in time, I slammed the brakes really hard and my car came to a screeching halt. I could hear honks of disapproval all around.

I had not realized how long I had been out, the distant memory still hung sweet in the air, was a miracle I had not crashed, the lord is good. Dalida was through and now the stereo was blaring Whitney Huoston’s “I have nothing, nothing, nothing, If I don’t have you….”

Promised myself to be a more careful driver the remainder of the way. The rain had gotten worse. I glanced up at the skies.


It was my first day at a new school. I was a big girl now and starting 1st grade. I must have been four at the time. Was so scared, I so didn’t want to go. I missed my beloved kindergaden. I didn’t know any kids in this new school and the classes were enormous.

My parents had both come along to make sure I settled in ok. I was a very outspoken child with an opinion on everything. I tried to reason with them. Argue. Assure them that I would much prefer to be home schooled.

That didn’t seem to be working, so it was time to bring on the big guns; TEMPER TANTRUM. I screamed, wailed put my foot down all to no avail. I even turned on the waterworks and made sure I gave them a guilt trip for abandoning me there.

When all else had failed, my father made a suggestion. He said, why don’t you give it a try. Just attend the first class, if you don’t like it we will go home. Naturally I didn’t trust them, so I decided to bind them there. I left with them my lunchbox (could have been barbie that year, not positive). Figured they wouldn’t go home and leave their little defensless daughter hungry.

I went in and was soon engrossed in all the school activities. I had really found myself in my element and was loving every minute of it. It wasn’t till lunch that I had actually remembered that I had told them to wait for me outside. I ran out to see them, but I had been tricked. They had left me the lunchbox with the teacher and had gone home from the morning, certain that I would enjoy school.

Later that day they came to pick me up. They both looked a bit anxious not knowing how I was gonna greet them. Parents !!!(eye roll). Like I could ever be upset with them. Ran over, gave them both bear hugs and that was that.


Stereo is now playing “I’m a big big girl in a big big world”

Don’t you just love a good collection CD !!


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