Things I don’t get

I don’t get it, I really don’t. How the multitude of the massess can live in such a perpetual state of insecurity. No matter how good we are as actors, how well we wear our masks. Despite our different means of hiding it, humor, ego. Its all the same. At the very end, under it all, we are shaky little individuals.

I don’t get how we can be dissappointed that other people don’t see us as we see ourselves. Its only natural. Its an issue of perception. There was this story they used to tell us as children about the 3 blind men and the elephant. I guess it still applies. Time, place, circumstances, hell even the weather, alter how you see others and how they see themselves and you. Yet I, am as guilty as the next person, for when told something I don’t totally concur with I probably would argue and make a fuss.

I don’t get how you can fully know a person is fond of you, or that you are entirely in favour and yet be upset or dissappointed in the way they see you. I mean does it really matter. There is no score, it isn’t a game, you can’t win and loose. You’ve already hit the jackpot, you have found what we all seek…. acceptance. Yet you could be bugged by the fact that those who accept don’t share your image of yourself. Something like that hurts. Why, I shall never understand.



3 thoughts on “Things I don’t get

  1. Yeah been asking myself the same question more than I would like to and still did not find an answer.. People tell me that humans are socail being and yet I do not believe it.. I am one of the people who had been alone for quiet some time and by alone I mean from the inside in spite being surrounded by people all the time.. Do not know but sometimes things do not add up.

  2. Sarah: This was the aftermath of an MSN argument with a great friend who means the world to me. She got all upset and accused me of thinking ill of her. Apparently I had (no idea how) implied that she was materialistic. All hell broke loose. This was kinda an attempt at a reconcilliation.

    Hola: I hope you are reading woman!!!!

    OpeRon: Wait a second, who ever said Life was beautiful?? I know I didn’t :p

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