Man of My Dreams (according to tickle)

A Secret Agent is the man of your dreams

Mystery and intrigue — it’s not just for action-adventure movies. It’s what you are looking for in life and love. From spontaneous weekend getaways to notes stuck in your jean pockets, you love being surprised and appreciate the extra thought and effort that goes into making it happen.

That’s why a secret agent could steal your heart — he’s got what it takes to change the world, but he’s not about to go around shouting about it. But don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us. Shhhh.

Test inspired by Valentine’s and available on


5 thoughts on “Man of My Dreams (according to tickle)

  1. Nousha: See Sarah’s comment 😀

    Sarah: Yup, it appears I’m into the “Bond, James Bond” variety. So if you happen to bump into any throw them this way 🙂

    OpeRon: Yeah.. do it I wanna see your scores.. go now yalla.

  2. Hey Sarah and juka, well I would love to be surprised every now and then with a red rose left on my car, a spontaneous weekend in Sinai, So basically I’m into that part “being surprised and … the extra thought and effort that goes into making it happen”,,, who wouldn’t love that ? 😉

    Of course a REAL secret agent who’d lie / hide for days / disappoint is a big no no.

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