Back to School Blues

Inspired by all my favourite university students. 

I open my eyes
I’m not dead yet
Yet what the heck
I slink out of bed
Live the day
Like any other day

Meet people
That I don’t see
Don’t listen to what I hear
Couldn’t care less
Live the day
Like any other day

All the same
That cursed routine
To an eternity
Like this
Live the day
Like any other day

Worth it?
No where to go
Taken for granted
Sick of it all
Live this day
Like any other day

Heading to oblivion
No matter what
To the same job
Same life as them
Perhaps I’ll die this day
Unlike any other day


8 thoughts on “Back to School Blues

  1. Great Piece Juka.. somehow I feel this way too.. I even wrote something similair to it on my blog called “Cause she woke up”
    I guess this shows we are not alone. Cheers..

  2. Sarah: I read yours, it’s really good.

    Angelo: Oh I had a blast in university, I’m a working woman now. This post was inspired by my sister and my cousin and a couple of friends who are still students.

    OpeRon: This morning I woke up at the same hour I was supposed to be at my office.. everything since then is a blurrrrrr.

    Esha3wa: Welcome to my blog. Oh things go peachy with moi, how are things at your end??

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