Job Interview

I work! For all you students out there – bless your heart – that means absolutely nothing. Its the corporate jungle slaves that will get the full implications of that simple sentence. They would also understand that, like all employees, I’m seeking to change my place of employment.

I was contemplating moving into banking so I had sent out my CV to a couple of places. A young woman calls me up and tells me I have an interview with Mr. blahblah branch manager of the XX Bank (name withheld for their own good, not that they deserve it). On the set date I’m all dressed up and looking good, feeling confident and I stride in (ON TIME) and ask for the guy. I have to wait 20 minutes before he actually shows up. He then tells me I have to sit with a younger employee first so he could explain to me what the bank does (eye roll).

Inhale. Ok, I go to the meeting room with this young man who tells me that he has not seen my CV, I attempt to give it to him, he goes “no it doesn’t matter, CVs don’t tell you squat anyway, just kinda tell me what’s worth knowing.” I endeavour to do so, but he keeps interrupting every 30 seconds with questions like “Do you know what our bank gross earnings was last year?” “Any idea who are top client is?” “What do you feel about women who leave their 3 month year old babies and go to work?”

I discovered I was waaaaaaaay more easy to fluster than I thought. Then he says the following “We at the bank feel that when a female employee gets engaged we stop getting any work out of her for 4 years; its all about I’m getting engaged, I’m getting married, I’m pregnant, I’m having my first child, I’m having my second child… what do you think about this?”

Resisting the desire to punch him, I calmly explain that women are equally capable of handling both tasks and are probably much better at the job than he is. His response? “Are you engaged?” Me: No “Dating?” Me: Is this a pick up line!!!!! He shuts up at this point, goes red all over and gets angry at me. Needless to say I didn’t get the job, but seriously, the hiring policy at banks is just discriminatory, if this was the USA I could have sued his ass over the “Equal Opportunity Act”.

Update: I’m now happily employed at a different institution elhamdollelah. 3o2balkom. 


9 thoughts on “Job Interview

  1. woah .. what an interview.. if it was me, I would directly go to their supervisor and give’m a piece of my mind.. and leave the bank immediately!

    Thank god, I only had one interview, after that, I was to interview people not vice versa “praying”

  2. OMG!! HE SAID WHAT?!!!! Bas kwayess that you showed him what you’re made of! Oufff…wetghour el job 3andohom law dih el manazer that you’ll have to deal with everyday!

    As for the update…mabrouk! 🙂

  3. I say it actually was a pickup line. He just had to cover it up since you were so blunt. Ah. Probably not. I’m just trying to convince myself that people dont hire based on sex, marital status and hair color, but based on CV, interview and experience. But who am I kidding?

  4. same questions are asked at our company’s interview btw, though it’s multinational. they fear engaged or committed girls by any means for same reasons he mentioned.
    the interview process was really stupid & inhumane ur right Juka, but after what i told u, dont you think they’ve a point in what they say? don’t you think we women are repsonsible for such bad image? or how come they reached that conclusion:)

  5. Operon: Problem is his manager was no better 😦 What is this world coming to.

    Sou: Thanks honey 🙂 teghour fe3lan.. very tempting to mention the bank’s name *smiles develishily then decides they are not worth it*

    Nousha: yeah elhamdollelah.

    Mak: He was wearing a wedding band, ya3ny begad I can’t believe him.

    Raghooda: No I honestly don’t think we are. I think male chauvenism and centuries of stereotyping and opression are to blame.

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