Stormy Weather

Last Friday whilst I was driving home from my book club session the skies were an odd shade of navy blue and the clouds were almost black. The really daunting skies a warning of the storm to come.

Suddenly the skies were filled with a flash of lightening, the power and intensity of its light astonishing. I stared at the brilliant line rapidly spreading through the heavens. I’m reminded of greek mythology and how Zues would throw his lightening bolts in order to send rain falls in order to punish those foolish mortals below or to reward them.

Thunder filled the skies but it was wasted on deaf ears for we were all sheltered in our cars, our little protected personal space, retreating to the comfort of our stereos. My own car air was filled with the voice of Dalida “Kelma 7elwa we kelmetein, 7elwa ya balady…”. God I love that song.

Then somthing really wierd started to happen, with every lightening flash I was temporarily blinded and it reminded me of camera flashes of the past. It was quite a unique trip down memory lane.


I was a young toddler, perhaps 3 or 4 years old. We used to live in the UAE where I was raised. We were home for the summer vacationing with the family in Alexandria. My grandparents to my Mom’s side lived in a 2 floor villa. Villa had quite a huge garden and my uncle (my mom’s younger brother) had a wolf dog that was big enough to be a bear. She was amazing. I was so in love with that dog. She would give me horseback rides. We would bathe her as a group activity me and my uncle using the garden hose.

That particular summer she had given birth to a litter of puppies. She had delivered in our basement and wasn’t letting anyone near them. She had a hostile atitude and was being overprotective. I on the otherhand was a child and a very curious one at that. Each day my desire to see those puppies was escalating. So one day when my uncle was busy doing something I walked down the basement steps to get a sneak peak.

Next thing my parents knew I was walking towards them holding a puppy in each hand by the scruff of their necks, barely able to carry them, extremely dirty, and with a look of unprecedented pure joy on my face. Look daddy, puppies. My uncle shot the mother dog a look and to his amazement she was completely resigned regarding the whole situation. She realized that I too was a baby who meant no harm and needed to be taken care off. She just kept circling me afraid I’d drop them.

Don’t know why that particular memory popped into my head. I guess it was the whole Dalida effect, plus earlier that day my friend had called me a cat person so the dogs in my life were begging to differ.

More flashes in issues to come.

P.S. I’m a bit of a cheat.. this peice is almost a year old.. it’s just it had never been posted.. and for a couple of months now.. I’ve had little to no inspiration. Hoping to resume the series. IF you guys/girls like this one.


5 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. Cheat or not, I love to walk with you down your memory lane, I couldn’t help to stop a tear falling down when I visualized you “as a baby” holding the two puppies and the mother is circling you .. it is so sweet , so nice!

    I am dying for a pet , but my mother is allergic to animal fur ..Duhhhh!

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