Drama Queen

A friend of mine once told me that I seem to have a “thing” for unrequited love. He claimed that all the good stuff I write always gravitates around that single theme. He was worried about me. I thought he was being absurd. These days I’m starting to be convinced he may be right.

This year one of the contestants on a reality music based show (who some people love, others hate, and some will call me an airhead for knowing it existed) told one of his co-contestants that he loved her once, that she had led him on, that he had been shocked when he found out she was committed.. etc.. Sort of a love-confession-gone-sour. While the idea in itself I have nothing against, I wasn’t too wild about the way he did it.. his choice of words.. songs.. timing etc.. (Click here for the actual confession).

Nevertheless the whole idea hit home in the worst way. Triggered up that melodramatic within and hence the following:

For all there was, for all there could have been and for all that never will be. Cheers.

Song of the day: James Blunt – Goodbye

Post updated: segment removed.


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