Divo Confessions

Forgive me father for I have sinned
It’s been years since my last confession
Pray, be non-judgmental and resigned
Hearing the tale of my obsession

I wasn’t always such a heinous character
I was once a self-righteous young squire
An eternity of impediments, my morals did falter
All good is gone, all what is left is desire

Bare with me, padre, as I sketch her for you
Strands of golden hair woven from the sun rays
Eyes, alluring deep pools of crystal-clear blue
A slender figure that’ll haunt me to the end of days

I lusted for her, father, in every waking moment
Plotting and scheming how I’d win her over
Poetry, flowers, candy and gifts; to her I sent
Became her best friend, confidant, her lover

A sin like her, padre, I’d never had before
She became my fixation, my reason, my universe
I was an insatiable monster, always wanting more
Destroying her life, never caring, never amends

Took advantage of a girl innocent and naive
Caught up in my fervent of wild passion
A slave to my obsession, if that you can believe
Crazed, demonic, loosing control of my actions

She grew tired and scared, padre, how she begged
Wouldn’t release her, until one night she was gone
Possessed, starved, exhausted and sleep deprived
I hunted her everywhere, from the crack of dawn

I roamed the streets calling her name, unanswered
Stella.. stellaaaaaaa… stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
My own voice echoing in the emptiness around
Returning to reverberate in the hollowness within

She was gone forever, a victim of my rage
Escaped my human hell to your holy Eden
To start a new life, turn a fresh page
Leaving me a changed man, I was finally beaten

Father, I can almost see your look of disdain
But both my story and I are nearing our end
I’ve been bleeding all along from my severed vein
Purification is what I seek my holy friend.

So forgive me father for I have sinned

Written sometime in Mid-2006 during a dark spell.


13 thoughts on “Divo Confessions

  1. Hey there. Been worrying about you. Where did you dissappear off to. Thanks dear. I am loving the new layout too. I’m flattered you liked it. Hugs and kisses from this nileside location. Hoping to see you soon.

  2. Spellz: You flatter me *blushes* I see you are a friend of Ravine’s. Any friend of hers is more than welcome here. Hope poem met your expectations.

    Ravine: Honey you’ve read this one before, only back then I posted it under a pseudo-name.. remember? Anyways I’m glad you liked it this time round.

  3. Aha!
    See, I had a strong feeling you had confused with someone else since we don’t know each other very well. I was wondering how you found out who I was so quickly.I mean, I was planning to get all stalkerish on you, purpose marriage and then shock you with my true identity!!
    lol well not really, but I think that you do have me confused with someone else because I’m pretty sure I would remember if I had read this before. :/

  4. LOL. Ok I’m about to awe you and demonstrate that while I have the worst memory on the planet I know exactly who you are. You are A.H.’s best friend. You are one hell of a sketch artist. AND we’ve only met twice before. Am I getting warm??

  5. La2 La2 La2. enta bthazary .. this is soo Good.. Dark, Gothic and lovely .. I loved the feelings and passion poured into the words.. the wandering at night with the voice echoing.. adorable!

    I am the kind of gothic guy who LOVES these stuff:D

    More Dark Spells .. Injiiiiiiiiiii

  6. ………………………………………………………………………….

    …….damn…I really had my heart set on the whole stalkerish thing lol…..

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