Elsattal We7eshhh

Some people whom you encounter in your life take a while to grow on you. You take time to work through a life time’s worth of preconcieved notions, stereotypes, initial impressions and general misconceptions and differences in backgrounds and opinions. Other times people seem to instantly float into your realm of approval, you take an instant liking to them and from that moment on you are friends.

D is one such person, I loved D from day one in university. She is such a calm girl with a classy demeanour. She’s your typical nile princess with the charcoal black hair and olive tanned skin. D was getting married this week. I was very excited, its always such a rush seeing one of your girlfriends get married. Watching her come down the steps looking ravishing in the equisite dress and elegant makeup.

She called me Wednesday to confirm and I told her I wouldn’t miss it for the world. On Friday I got up from my studying, showered, got my hair done. Was going to start dressing but fretted about transportation arrangements. I called S to see if she and M would be kind enough to drive me. Call went as follows:

Me: Hey, how are you going today?
S: Going where?
Me: Where do you have to be today?
S: No specific plans. Do you mean D?
S: I thought it was odd you never showed.
Me: Never showed where?
S: D’s wedding was yesterday.
Me: Yeah right 🙂
S: Honest to god.
Me: Serious?
S: Yes. I thought it was really strange you never came, I know how you care for D.

This ladies and gentlemen left me in a state of shock and grave dissappointment. I really had my heart set on going.

In the words of a friend of mine; it wasn’t meant to be. It’s probably somehow for the best that it was written in the stars for me to miss this wedding. Why? I’ll never know.

I have no idea how I could have gotten the date that wrong. I distinctly remember it being Friday and me being thrilled that my exam was moved to Saturday.

This is evidence people. Nobody ever can be angry at me for forgetting something. I messed up something this important. Hence nothing is sacred anymore.


5 thoughts on “Elsattal We7eshhh

  1. LOL…this sounds exactly like the kinda thing I’d do. I’m just lucky I’m usually one day too early.

    Hopefully D was too busy to notice. But I really doubt it.

  2. Omg, that’s rele hard, nothing can be worse than forgetting ur best friend’s wedding !!!!
    Am sure it’s not nice, but we all 4get things, not as big bas yalla el satal we7esh fe3lan!:)

  3. Ouch!
    That does sound like something I would do, too. That’s why whenever I have something important , I tell at least 5 ppl to remind me. Which works unless of course all 5 ppl forget we fel 7ala dee badawar 3ala a2rab 7eita and introduce it to my head. Don’t you try that at home though lol
    I hope you manage to explain the situation to your friend when she gets back from her honeymoon and stuff. Good luck :).

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