On the Balance of the Cosmos

Dear all, when I was a bit younger I used to believe in the importance of the Cosmos being in balance. That a disaster somewhere must be counterbalanced by some amazingly good fortune at the other end of the globe. Such that at the end, both effects cancel each other out and the cosmic universe is balanced once again.

This was my explanation for why all the really bad stuff always happened to such great people. They say only the good die young. But must all the good die young, have terrible accidents, have to repeat their school year, be forced to part with their close friends….. I realize that is borderline blasphemic. For that I apologize. For you see my skewed vision was corrected, a friend was very kind to knock the sense back in.

One should never lament lost chances or what seems to be bad luck. For you see the universe does seek to be in balance, but not across people, rather across time. So throughout your lifetime you experience highs and lows. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. So you should not be upset, whenever something bad comes your way, have faith in God’s infinite wisdom, thank him that it was not worse than this. Then start looking forward to all the good yet to come in your life.

Song for the day: Smooth – Santana and Rob Thomas


3 thoughts on “On the Balance of the Cosmos

  1. Hmmm …
    I think that’s bollocks!
    Sometimes u experience highs, sometimes u experience lows…that’s simply because you can not possibly experience one of the two ALL THE FRIGIN’ TIME!
    It’s against all odds and probability laws.
    Simple mathematics, really!
    I don’t think anything and everything should be promptly attributed to some divine scheme.
    Let God take care of the REAL shit.
    Like world hunger and the ozone layer and what not…..

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