This morning on msn a friend told me that his social life has been reduced to this.. That chatting was the only non-work related human interaction he managed in his crowded day. I can totally imagine. I mean when we don’t have internet I shrivel up inside and just basically die for the day. Cause face it, our life-line, our connection with the outside world was severed in the worst of ways. MSN addict?? YES I AM. 🙂



3 thoughts on “On MSN

  1. I can totally imagine it. The internet has become an addiction.
    Sometimes I decide that I won’t go online for the day, that I will do other human interface activities and stop surfing/blogging/msn,,,, etc, but I fail to do so for more than a day (2 maximum).
    Some people I know we rarely speak face to face or on the phone, we are always on the msn.
    El Hamd lelah I don’t have a laptop 🙂 , I wouldn’t have enjoyed a single vacation, because the tendency to go online will be ver high even when I need to leave all the technology behind.
    (I confess that sometimes I even chat using my mobile when there is a car jam!)
    It IS an addiction!

  2. Nousha: I’m an addict 🙂 and the withdrawel symptoms are NASTY.

    Maxxed Out: Well. You’re here now. So no more chatting with friends back home instead you get to chat with the people you left behind in Paris 🙂

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