My Addiction

Puffy eyed and broken boned
I cursed the sun of the new dawn
Forcing awareness; adieu sweet sleep
Cold shower awakened the beast
Growing iron balls in my stomach pit
Skull breaking headache.. incurable itch
Egging me to cave.. to go for that fix
It sneaked up on me.. 1 dose..3 …6
Invented excuses to take those shots
A need to relax.. to concentrate
I can always stop, I’m in control,
Completely intoxicated I loose it all
Poison seeped into my system
Irritated and tired.. a dangerous mix
Took it out on everybody yet the pain persists
Finally salvation.. the gong is struck
Sun has set…. but still no luck
Withdrawal symptoms get worse every day
Will I quit.. or will I just fade away


Mine is coffee… what’s yours??

Song of the day: Torn – Natalie Imbruglia


9 thoughts on “My Addiction

  1. Yaaaaah ya AK. I used to have the tetris addiction zamaaan. Then I moved from Nintendo to Play Station. 😀

    OpeRon: A thin chocoholic, that’s a first 😉

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