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No, not the card game, I mean real live cheating. Back when we were students the worst we could pull off was bringing in tiny pieces of paper or consulting each other during the exam. This was years ago. These days my sister has her finals and the stories she has to tell make me eyes bulge in amazement and leave me not knowing wether I should repremand or applaud. They have a friend, let’s call him  “A”, who has managed to redefine the word cheating forever. The young man has really taken it to the next level and has managed to make the most of modern technology. I’m thinking if he put that much effort into his classes he would have been top dog by now.

In the Faculty of Engineering the exams are really long, some last up to six hours. As a result students are allowed to bring in food, drinks and hell even entertainment. You are not allowed to use your phone during the exam, cause duh, that’s a no-brainer cheat. Then again, who needs a phone when you can have your Ipod video. Here is what “A” does. He takes photos of all the slide presentations and necessary diagrams and uploads them to his Ipod as photos for easy access. Then he takes his lectures and breaks them down by professor and topic. He then uses a mixer and his laptop to record the lectures in his voice as mp3s, making sure to speak slowly and clearly so that he may write in the exam as he listens to himself relay the important points. By using clever categorization he is guarenteed easy access to any part of the syllabus that he desires.

I know!! WOW.

Disclaimer: Cheating is harram and you guys are better off studying :p


7 thoughts on “Cheating

  1. I know what you’re talking about… I’ve seen it happen!! I just can’t believe people who cheat!! I remember my last exam was networks you have to memorize all these components and bandwidths (numbers) and delays and things of the sort… and almost everyone had “bershaam” along… Even people who’d say cheating is haraam!! Some guy even got caught.. and they told him: Don’t do it again!! Couldn’t believe it!!

  2. You haven’t seen nothing my dear.. I remember in medical school, we are supposed to write more than 40 pages “back & forth” in 3 hours just to cover all the questions .. so technically, there’s no time to cheat or even complete the examination

    However, I have a belief, that if I do not know something, I do not deserve to write in the answer paper .. so I do not cheat.. either I know it, or I half-know it and I write main criteria .. or I do not know it at all and leave it blank “at least, gives me time to answer the rest of the exam”

    As for the real cheating .. I have seen my SHARE with that .. but in an oral exam, NOWAY u can cheat when u r sitting with ur professor in a chamber

  3. No wow’s or anything! A is not at all smart. If he’s smart, he would have known that studing pays off on the long run, and cheating besides being fobidden, is stupid because if you don’t understand, how would you work? But anyway, who said that exams here have to do with understanding!

  4. educational system in egypt sucks, so exams are not by anyemans a valid measure, if i were that guy prof., i’d have give him +A for his genuine and genious creativity in cheating, proves he’s a genious technologically 🙂

  5. Angelo: Good lad, don’t cheat it ain’t worth it.

    Deee: I know, fact that you can be let off easy is the main driver behind the trend.

    OpeRon: Med school is suicide my friend.

    Sugar Mouse In the Rain: Exactly, most of what we study in university has nothing to do with what you work with in the real world. As for the long run, I couldn’t agree more, cheating is harmful.

    RaghOOOd: Will be sure to let “A” know

    Fadfadation: LOL. I can imagine 😉

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