Once again she was being told that she was serious and wise beyond her young years. She fought to maintain her composure. Those naive foolish mortals. Thinking they have all the answers. Little do they realize how limited their knowledge, how skewed their perception.

There was a logical explanation for her soberness. She’d been here before. She existed in a perpetual state of de-ja-vu. Reincarnated for probably the nth time. To her this entire life was seldom amusing.

Oh those poor mortals. She looked at them buzzing about. Obsessing over every detail of their lives. Aaah, if only they knew. If only they could comprehend. If only they could see the big picture. Perhaps then they would stop crying over yesterday and worrying about tomorrow.

They would sieze the day.

Written in Costa Elmarghany inspired by the aura of a great friend. TC your highness. You know you are loved.

Song of the day: My Immortal 😉


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