Ma3adi dwellers beware

I’m sure most of you have already heard of Cairo’s own Jack the Ripper; but for all you out there who are reading this for the first time.. pray take heed.. be careful.

There is a serial killer located in Maadi, he targets women randomly and he is using a sword or a knife to attack his victims. He has been attacking women frequently and many accidents happened. Yesterday (not sure yesterday of what day exactly), he murdered three females regardless of their age, their profile or how they dress (why is that relevant??). For example, a ten-years-old girl and a pregnant woman were attacked.Policemen claim that the criminal is insane (typical!!), however, they were not able to arrest him until now. Policemen had given a very vague and general discription of the criminal; they say that the criminal has black hair sent to his back, is a little bit fat and of average height.Policemen gave out two numbers to contact in case of emergencies or in case anyone suspects any person:
Naqib Ahmed Hamdy: 010-123-1777
Mr. Farouk Fahmy: 012-139-0434

I think it’s nice that they are actually listening to the public.

Song of the day: Smooth criminal 🙂


6 thoughts on “Ma3adi dwellers beware

  1. Thanks To the marvelous egyptian police who lacks a criminology department, they cannot identify the psychic profile for the criminal .. they can hire a psychologist to help them with that for god’s sake

    and it is always relevant because serial killers are always inclined to a particular type of victims .. finding the link makes it much easier to catch’m

    As far as myself being a guy .. I am the least worried 😛

  2. I don’t know, lots of talking is taking place about the un-confirmed stories. The story goes around that he’s a serial killer with only one dead victim !!!! the rest are only injuries…. What is even more strange, not a single interview with any victim or a name of one……….

    I don’t know, bas fi 7aga mosh merayya7any. I can’t stop thinking about the story of saffa7 madinet nasr that was very popular 4 years ago. That story for those of you who don’t know, is about a taxi driver who kidnaps females and kills them. That story caused all our female colleagues and relatives to panic. At the end it turned out to be a rumor.

    Never the less, take care. You only have one life.

  3. I believe the ripper is insane ofcourse as his behaviour is awfully greusome and he doesnot distinguish between women , he can attack any woman , so I recommend every woman in ma3adi to be well protected not just be the company of men but also be carrying an electric shock or a harmful eye spray at all times , it may help when facing a dangerous encounter with any hostile person and it might make girls more secure and secure . May God Protect you all.

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